Have fun scrolling through our growing list of preschool printables created for age 4 and above!

For most of the activities below, you can just click-and-print. If you wish to re-use the printables, you can:

  • Laminate the sheets
  • Use velcro dots instead of glue

P.S: All of the printable activities on this website are for personal use or single classroom use only. If you wish to share the freebie with your friends or family or anyone, be sure to share this blog’s link for them to download their own copy.

preschool printables
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    By Season & Holidays

    If you are looking for preschool printables by season or specific holidays, scroll through this list:

    Spring Preschool Printables

    Fall Preschool Printables

    Apple Preschool Printables

    Halloween Preschool Printables

    Thanksgiving Preschool Printables

    Christmas Preschool Printables

    Dot Printables

    This type of printable is great to use with your toddler or preschool. There are many ways to use these Dot Activities:

    • Dot the dots using do-a-dot markers
    • Grab your dot stickers supply and have your kids put the dot sticker on the dots
    • Let your kids color the dots with the matching colors

    Apple Do-a-Dot Printables

    Apple Dot Mini Cards

    Car Dot Activity

    Dot Sticker Color Pattern Cards

    Easter Bunny and Carrots Dot Printables

    Easter Eggs Dot Activity

    Fall Leaves Do-a-Dot Printables

    Frogs Do-a-Dot Printables

    Snails Dot Printables

    Spider Dot Printables

    Lifecycle Printables Activities

    Many times it is challenging to teach little kids that some things have to go through their own process.

    But I found that, when my kids do the lifecycle printable activities, they begin to understand the concept of process. For instance, before a frog becomes a frog, it was a swimming tadpole. Feel free to scroll our lifecycle printable growing list below.

    Apple Eating Sequence Activity

    Apple Tree Lifecycle Printables

    Butterfly Lifecycle Printables

    Frog Lifecycle Printables

    Pattern Printables

    The pattern printables below mostly are about introducing preschoolers to ABAB patterns.

    ABAB pattern is the most basic and simple pattern that kids learn. You can just click-and-print these printables, or you can laminate-velcro the sheets to reuse them.

    Apple Pattern Printables

    Easter Eggs Pattern Activity

    Easter Jellybean Pattern Printables

    Fall Leaves ABAB Pattern Printables

    Pompom Pattern Cards Activity

    Pumpkin Latte Pattern Preschool Printables

    Spring Animals Pattern Worksheets

    Pre-Writing Tracing Printables

    I started creating tracing printables because my little girl loved to trace on her storybooks and any lines she met.

    The first tracing sheet that I created for her was the Farm tracing printables. It became a hit instantly and that inspire me to create more tracing activities for her. The growing list below is in alphabetical order.


    Farm Tracing Printables

    Father’s Day Tracing Pack

    Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing Activity

    Christmas Tracing Horizontal Lines

    Christmas Tracing Vertical Lines

    Christmas Tracing Wave Lines

    Christmas Tracing Diagonal Zigzag Lines

    Christmas Tracing Ornaments

    Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables

    Mother’s Day Tracing Pack

    Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing Activity

    Spring Rainy Day Pre-Writing Tracing

    Spring Frogs Tracing Printables

    Thanksgiving Tracing Activity Pack

    Turtle Pre-Writing Tracing

    Puzzle Printables

    Your little ones will enjoy piecing the puzzle together according to their colors or types.

    Piecing the puzzle together is among the many first steps towards introducing your preschoolers to letters and number symbols.

    Crab Puzzle Printable

    Dinosaur Puzzle Printable

    Easter Egg Puzzle Game

    Fall Leaves Puzzle Printable

    Firefighter Puzzle Printable

    Flowers Puzzle Game

    Jellyfish Puzzle Game

    Spider Color Puzzle Printable

    Shadow Matching Printables

    Shadow matching activity is quite fun but a bit challenging activity for preschoolers.

    Your kids will enjoy the adventure of paying attention to the detail of things for them to find the matching shadows. In a fancy word, shadow matching is one of the great activities for visual discrimination.

    Fall Leaves Shadow Matching Printables

    Firefighter Shadow Matching Printables

    Owl Shadow Matching Activities

    Safari Animals Shadow Matching Printables

    Shape Activities Printables

    In this shape activity growing list, there are shape tracing sheets, color by shapes printables and shape sorting activities.

    Apple Shape Sorting Printables

    Cars Shape Sorting

    Earth Day Shape Puzzle

    Easter Eggs Shape Sorting

    Firefighter Shape Tracing Printables

    Flowers and Bee Shape Sorting

    Ocean Animals Shape Sorting 

    Pumpkin Shape Sorting

    Sand Bucket Shape Sorting

    Space Shape Matching Printables

    Spring Color by Shapes

    Sun Shape Sorting

    Sorting Printables

    The activities in this list are about learning to categorize a group of objects. Try them out, your kids will love it!

    Apples Sorting by Color

    Apples Sorting by Emotions

    Back to School Bus Sorting by Emotions

    Back to School Crayon Sorting by Color

    Fall Leaves Sorting by Type

    Fall Leaves Sorting by Color

    Farm Animals Sorting by Size

    Jellyfish Sorting by Color

    Space Planet Sorting by Type

    Letter Activities

    This is a growing list of alphabet letter preschool printables activities; created especially for preschoolers and kindergarten.

    They are perfect for your kids who are just beginning to learn their letters. I would suggest that you start with Letter Matching Activities or Letter Sorting Activities. These types of activities introduce little kids to the look of the letters.

    Same Case Letter Matching

    Back to School Lowercase Letter Matching Printables

    Back to School Uppercase Letter Matching Printables

    Crabs Lowercase Letter Matching Printables

    Firefighter Lowercase Letter Matching Printables

    Ocean Animals Lowercase Letter Matching Printables

    Owl Match and Clip Cards (Lowercase to Lowercase Letter Matching)

    Popsicle Dot Stickers ABC Matching Printables

    Watermelon Slice Dot Stickers ABC Matching Cards

    Watermelon Dot Stickers ABC Matching Printables

    Lowercase-Uppercase Letter Matching

    Back to School ABC Matching Printables

    Cactus ABC Matching Printables

    Donut ABC Matching Printables

    Fall Treats ABC Matching Printables

    Popsicle ABC Matching Games

    Pumpkin ABC Matching Printables

    Spider ABC Matching Printables

    Watermelon ABC Matching Printables

    Letter Maze Printables

    Thanksgiving 3-Steps Letter Maze

    Christmas Lowercase Letter Maze

    Letter Sorting Mat

    Christmas Letter Sorting Mat

    Winter Hot Chocolate Letter Sorting Mat

    Thanksgiving Letter Sorting Mat

    Winter Letter Sorting Mat

    Beginning Sounds Printables

    Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzle

    Halloween Beginning Sounds Puzzle

    Letter A Beginning Sounds Activities

    Letter C Beginning Sounds Activities

    Pumpkin Beginning Sounds Puzzle

    Sight Word Reader

    Sight Word ‘A’ Reader

    Sight Word ‘I am’ Reader

    Counting and Numbers

    Little kids get bored easily. That’s why to learn counting and numbers, there are a few types of math printables. There are times my kids love only I Spy games. But there are also times when they only want to number puzzles. Check out our exciting Math printables for preschool below.

    Color by Number

    Mitten Color by Number

    Winter Color by Number

    Counting Mat

    Fall Counting Leaves on Trees

    Feed the Narwhal Counting Printables

    Spring Count & Draw Activity

    Turkey Counting Mat

    Count and Clip Cards

    Bugs Count and Clip Cards

    Fall Count and Clip Cards

    Fall Addition Count and Clip Cards

    Fourth of July Count and Clip Cards

    Halloween Count and Clip Cards

    Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards

    I Spy Games

    Fourth of July I Spy Printables

    Halloween I Spy Printables

    Number Charts

    Fall Leaves Number Charts 1 to 10

    Apple-theme Number Charts 1 to 10

    Number Recognition

    Apples Number Recognition Printables

    Bugs Number Recognition Printables

    Cars & Road Number Matching Printables

    Cars Number Recognition Printables

    Fall Quantity Matching Printables

    Firefighter Number Matching

    Fourth of July Number Recognition Printables

    Scarecrow Number Recognition Sheets

    Spider Number Matching Printables

    Number Puzzles

    Apple Number Puzzles 1 to 10

    Apple Addition Number Puzzles

    Fall Leaves Number Puzzle 1 to 10

    Fourth of July Number Puzzle 1 to 10

    Halloween Number Puzzle 1 to 10

    Halloween Number Puzzle 11 to 20

    Ten Frames Printables

    Apple 10-Frames Printables

    Cars 10-Frames Printables

    Crabs 10-Frames Printables

    Earth Day 10-Frames Printables

    Ladybugs Match the 10-Frames Printables

    Lemonade 10-Frames Printables

    Digital Activities (non-PDF)

    Back to School Counting Boom Cards

    Bugs Counting Boom Cards

    Ocean Animals Counting Boom Cards

    Popsicles Counting Activities for Google Slides™

    More Preschool Printables Pack

    Check out our Teachers Pay Teachers store for more exciting preschool printable packet, where you can download a lot of activities in just one PDF!

    100+ Preschool Printables & Worksheets for Fun Learning 1