100+ Free Preschool Printables

This is a growing list of free preschool printables, created for kids approximately age 3-5 years old. Feel free to share this post with your friends.

You can also browse through our Toddler printables.

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Prep Tips:

  1. For most of the printables, for you to be able to reuse them and for more durability, I recommend that you laminate them using laminator.
  2. To pre-cut some of the printables, I prefer using paper cutter as it makes prep work smoother and faster.

100+ Free Preschool Printables

I am listing the preschool printables according to each category. Have fun!


free preschool printables for COVID19


Letter Matching

Word Wall

Beginning Sounds

Number & Counting 1-10


Count and Clip Cards:

Number Recognition:

Number Puzzles:

Number Charts:

Other counting printables :

I Spy Game

Pre-Writing Tracing

Visual Discrimination

Dot Printables


Sequence and Life Cycle



Dinosaur Pack

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