100+ Free Preschool Printables

100+ Easy Preschool Printables to Help Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work

Working from home is a mess when the kids are jumping around and keep on nagging us for a hundred things.

How is it possible to get things done? Not to mention the endless virtual meetings that we have to attend while our kids are throwing their epic tantrum.

I’m here for you, mama.

The Guilt Feelings

I used to be the mom who works from home and boast that I got to work at home and spend time with my kids.

The reality was the totally opposite.

Most of the time, my kids are neglected and we don’t have real bonding.

I snapped easily because of my work pressure and deadlines.

I felt very guilty at one point I decided to give a pause and do a significant reflection. That lead me to start searching printables activities for my kids and block a solid time block solely for them.

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Like a Good Momma

It was truly remarkable that when we spent a tiny bit of time together without any gadget interruptions, my kids and I are beginning to bond closer.

I begin to understand them as a little kids and how they feel, and bonus point, when you have a kids who felt loved, you will have a happy kids who will let you do your work and make juggling things a bit easier.

I created Fluffy Tots to help overwhelming moms get easy activities for your growing kids.

Feel free to scroll down our 100+ list of Preschool printable activities and download your pick.

I hope you love our activities as much as we do!

100+ Free Preschool Printables 2


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Prep Tips:

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  1. For most of the printables, for you to be able to reuse them and for more durability, I recommend that you laminate them using laminator.
  2. To pre-cut some of the printables, I prefer using paper cutter as it makes prep work smoother and faster.


For little kids, fine motor activities is very essential. It’s the most fundamental activities to prepare them to writing, knowing their letters and numbers in a heartbeat and more. Scroll below to grab our fine motor printables.

Dot Activities

Whether you are doing these activities using do-a-dot markers, or dot stickers, your little ones would have a blast. Grab all of them below!

Pattern Activities

Patterns are one of the basic thing for more complex math operations. But we surely can make them fun with our fun printable activities!

Pre-Writing Activities

Your little ones started to trace the storybooks? Why don’t you grab these tracing printables for them to have fun with tracing practice.


Before our little readers learn to read, they need to learn about letters first. This is imperative because letters make up words. Below are fun and engaging letter printables activities for you.

Letter Matching Activities

Perfect for your little ones who are just beginning to learn their ABC letters. There are variety of letter activities below including letter puzzle activities, letter clip cards, fun letter sorting and more.

Beginning Sounds Activity

Once your little ones learn about their letters, you can start to introduce them to Beginning Sounds concept to teach them about letters’ sounds. If you are not sure what is Beginning Sounds, click on any post below to get a glimpse about it.

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Before we dive into helping our little ones learning their numbers, we need to know that first, they are learning what is number. What does the symbol look like? And more importantly, they count in stages such as beginning with numbers 1 to 3, then they would proceed to counting numbers 1 to 5 and so on.

Number Recognition

In this activity, our young learners are learning to identify and differentiate number symbols.

Number Puzzles

This activity is about learning the sequence of numbers in order. This puzzle is self-checking. Try one out!

Number 10-Frames Counting

Counting in 10-frames is very helpful to help our little ones to grasp the concept of counting, which is this quantity is equal to which number symbols.

Count and Clip Cards

Once your little ones know their numbers, it’s time to practice counting with some fun games!

The activities below is about counting the objects, and clip the cards. If you don’t have that much time to laminate and cut these printables into cards, you can simply print the activities and turn it into ‘count and circle’ activity, or ‘count and dab’ activity.

I Spy

Once your little ones know their numbers, it’s time to practice counting with some fun games!

Sequencing Activities

Let’s have fun with these exciting Life Cycle & Sequence themed printables

Shadow Matching

These fun printables help little ones to learn about focusing on details of objects such as their shapes and features.

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