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Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing : Easy 9 Pre-Writing Tracing Activity for Preschoolers

Hey hey! Are you looking for Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing?

We have just that for you!

Perfect for the Holiday season, don’t forget to pull out some Gingerbread cookies to snack on while doing this activity, it would make pre-writing so much more fun!

Now let me share with you a bit about this pack.

Gingerbreadman pre-writing tracing

Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing : No-Prep

First of all, this is totally NO-PREP activity for you. Yep, because Holiday season is too hectic, there’ll be not much time to do prepping.

You can just print, and ready to go!

Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing : The Lines Tracing

This pack is made with 3-4 years old in mind.

With that being said, we would start with some basic lines tracing first, before we go into complicated tracing.

Gingerbread man pre-writing tracing

Pre-Writing Tracing #1: Horizontal Tracing

We start with horizontal line tracing because that is among the lines that toddlers usually writes randomly.

With provided lines, they can focus on tracing straight horizontal lines.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

Pre-Writing Tracing #2: Vertical Tracing

Next is tracing vertical lines.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

Vertical lines make up letters such as the uppercase letters of D, E, F and more.

It also makes up numbers such as number 1 and number 4.

Pre-Writing Tracing #3: Castle Tracing

Let’s help the Gingerbread man get to his pile of cookies by tracing these castle lines!

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

Pre-Writing Tracing #4: Diagonal Tracing

Diagonal lines tracing is the foundation of zigzag lines tracing.

It makes up the letters that has diagonal lines such as uppercase letter Q, letter R and letter Z.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

Pre-Writing Tracing #5: Zigzag Tracing

And then, lets do some zigzag tracing.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

There are 2 pages of Gingerbread man zigzag tracing in this pack.

Pre-Writing Tracing #6: Waves Tracing

A more challenging lines but quite meaningful, is the waves tracing.

I included 5 types of waves tracing in this pack.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

Waves lines are the lines that shape the letter s, o, p, lowercase letter q, letter r, letter m, letter n and more.

It also makes up the numbers such as number 2, number 3 and number 5.

Just trace along the lines, follow the Gingerbread man.

Pre-Writing Tracing #7: Shapes Tracing

There are 8 types of shapes to be traced in this pack.

There are circles, triangles, square and rectangles, trapezoids (4 sides shapes), diamonds (4 sides shapes), pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

We started with circles because that’s the most easiest for preschoolers to draw.

Pre-Writing Tracing #8: Numbers Tracing

When all of the above has been done, now is the time for a bit tricky and more meaningful tracing.

We’ll start to trace some numbers first.

In this pack, the numbers already have tracing lines, so you just have to follow the lines.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

This Gingerbread man number tracing mat can also serve as counting mat.

For each numbers, there are Gingerbread man and Gingerbread girl in corresponding to the numbers.

For instance, number 5 would show 5 Gingerbread man.

While tracing, your kids can do some counting!

Pre-Writing Tracing #9: Words Tracing

To add more fun, I’ve added some Words Tracing activity.

No, your kids won’t have to be able to read those words.

It’s just an introduction of letter tracing for them.

The words to be traced include ‘Cookie’, ‘Milk’, ‘Gingerbread’, Hot Chocolate and ‘Gingerhouse’.

Christmas Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing

Just trace in the letters, or they can color the words!

Twist of Fun

You can always add some twist of fun to this Gingerbread man pre-writing tracing activity.

  • Pull out some fancy Gingerbread man stickers, or dot stickers work too – and paste those stickers onto the tracing lines until all the tracing lines are completely covered
  • Grab some scissors supply and let your kids cut those tracing lines and also the gingerbread man

Oh it would be a day with so much fun!

Try our Freebie

Try our FREE Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing by clicking on the download button below.

Gingerbread Man Pre-Writing Tracing : Pre-Writing Made Fun!

If you love the freebie, you’d definitely love the COMPLETE GINGERBREAD PRE-WRITING TRACING PACK.

Snag the packet for your kids’ Holiday activity!

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