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Earth Day Trees 10-Frames Printables : FREE Cute Trees Counting 1-10

Among other things that help to save the Earth is by planting the trees.

Trees helps to provide oxygen and take in the carbon dioxide. It also helps to make the Earth a cooler place to live in.

Hence, it is a perfect time to do Earth Day Trees 10-Frames Printable with the kids.

Earth Day Trees 10-Frames printables

Earth Day Trees 10-Frames Printables

This printables focus to help your kids to count from number 1 to number 10.

Recently my preschooler has already getting fluent with counting 1-5. We spent months at this. I did not want to rush her.

As she proceed to start counting the number 6,7 until 10, it becomes trickier. There are a lot to count. She was overwhelmed at first.

I did not want her to lose motivation. So I begin to search for a way of how to help her counting number 6 until 10.

While trying to find what works, I began using the 10-frames method.

I was so amazed at seeing how it helps Miss M to understand the concept.

10-frames has 2 row and 5 columns of box. If you are counting for 6, there will be only one object in the second row.

As your kids keep on counting 7, 8, 9 and 10, the second row will become filled up.

I am so thankful for this concept that I wish to share this printables with you.

Preparing Earth Day Trees 10-Frames Printables

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This printable is low prep and so easy to set up.

Materials that you would need :

To prepare for this activity, you need to :

1. Print the printables
2. Cut the trees at the Cut Page

Earth Day Trees 10-Frames

How to Use Earth Day Trees 10-Frames Printables

Let your kids paste the cut trees onto the dots on the 10-frames cards.

This would help your kids to understand how does 6 looks like or how does 8 looks like.

Get The Free Download

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Have fun!

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