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Pumpkin Beginning Sounds Puzzles : FREE 26 Puzzles

Learning letters is always fun when we pair them with related things.

I find that my girls can grab the letter names and sounds better when I do beginning sounds activity.

Today, I am very excited to share our fun Pumpkin Beginning Sounds printables.

Pumpkin Beginning Sounds

Pumpkin Beginning Sounds

This printable is a low prep activity.

You would first need to cut all the puzzles, separating the letters.

Then, scramble them.

How to Play Pumpkin Beginning Sounds

First, I put aside letters into letter groups, and pictures sorted with pictures.

Then, I pull out one picture and we say the name of the picture together.

P.s: It helped us a lot when I first introduced the beginning sounds using our Alphabet Posters. You can grab it at this link.

Next, I asked Maryam, what do you think the letter for this picture?

She would then find the letter for the picture, and piece the letter and the picture together.

Pumpkin Beginning Sounds

If your child is beginning to learn about letter sound, it is best to do this together.

Later, once they know their letters’ sounds, they can do it independently.

Ready for pumpkin fun?

Get Your Download

Grab your free Pumpkin Beginning Sounds by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

Do You Want More Fall Themed Beginning Sounds Puzzle?

You would definitely love our Fall Beginning Sounds Puzzle! It features Acorn Beginning Sounds, Apple Beginning Sounds and Fall Leaves Beginning Sounds

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