This is a growing list of ABC letter printables activities for preschool, created for kids approximately age 3-5 years old.

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Supplies Needed (Optional):

  1. Laminator : To reuse them and for more durability, I recommend that you laminate below printables using laminator.
  2. Paper cutter : To pre-cut some of the printables, I prefer using paper cutter as it makes prep work smoother and faster.

Letter Craft

E for Earth

Free Letter Tracing

Tracing Letter B

Shop Letter Activities

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Letter GLetter HLetter ILetter JLetter KLetter L
Letter MLetter NLetter OLetter PLetter QLetter R
Letter SLetter TLetter ULetter VLetter WLetter X
Letter YLetter Z

Free Letter Matching

Lowercase to lowercase lettersUppercase to uppercase lettersUppercase – Lowercase letters
Owl Match and Clip Cards
S’mores Back to School ABC Matching Puzzles
Watermelon ABC Matching with Dot Stickers
Ocean Animals ABC Matching Puzzles
Crab ABC Matching Game
Car Road Trip ABC Matching Puzzle
Popsicle ABC Matching with Dot Stickers
Scissors and Glue ABC Matching
Restaurant Kit : Dot Sticker ABC Matching Cards
Cactus Letter Matching
Popsicle Letter Matching
Watermelon Letter Matching
Pumpkin Alphabet Match
Fall Match and Clip Cards
Back to School Pencil and Note ABC Matching
Donut ABC Matching

Word Wall

Bugs Word Wall

Car Road Trip Word Wall

Beginning Sounds

Letter A Beginning Sound Activity
Letter C Beginning Sound Activity

Pumpkin Beginning Sound Puzzle

CVC Activity

CVC Word Cards
Match the CVC Words

Letters & ABC 1