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Bugs Count and Clip Cards Bundle : 60 Easy Prep and Exciting Cards

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Maryam loves to do count and clip cards. She finds it fun to do counting with some adorable smiling animals.

She would smile and look so happy while doing them.

Furthermore, doing several count and clip cards set also help her to understand better regarding number concept.

Especially on how to count beyond number 5, and recognizing those numbers and what to call those number symbols.

But, she’s a type of kids that easily gets bored.

She can play with watermelon count and clip cards, but for the next session, no more watermelon for her. She loves to play with variety of things.

Hence, I made some kind of bundle of count and clip cards; which is the Bugs Count and Clip Cards Bundle!

Grab your pack on our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

bugs count and clip cards

Bugs Count and Clip Cards Bundle

This bundle still counts the numbers 1 until 10, but the best part is, it has several bugs in a pack!

In fact, there are 60 count and clip cards in this pack, definitely going to last your kids for a week math activity!

There are those cheerfully smiling bugs and insects, and adorable bees.

Some of those bees are flying into the honey, flying to the beehive; and not to forget there are also mesmerizing fireflies in a jar!

bees count and clip cards
The adorable bees

I have also includes 10-frames bugs in this pack.

This is to help your kids who are beginning to count from number 6, to understand how to count the number 6 to 10.

It helped Maryam, hence it will definitely help your kids!

bugs count and clip cards activity
This is overview of our 10 frames count and clip cards

Preparing this fun activity

To begin with, this is a low prep activity.

Usually when I don’t really have much time to prep, I would just print this pack and hand it over to my kids.

bugs count and clip cards

Print and Play

What they would do are just amazing. They would find some crayons and colors, and start to circle the corresponding numbers!

Sometimes, they would color the animals, just because they love to color.

But if you go this way; which is the ‘Print and Play’ method, you don’t have to restrict your kids to just using crayons.

You can also play some ‘Count and Cover’ game.

Your kids would count the bugs in the cards, and cover them using math manipulative available.

Math manipulative can be anything fun such as:

  • Clear counters, or
  • Fish crackers, or
  • Bug counters, or
  • Unifix cubes

Basically just anything available in your bin, they would work and your kids would have a blast!

bugs count and clip cards printables

Clip the Cards

But if you have a bit more time to prep, lets say you’ve got 10-15 minutes top, then you will definitely be able to well prep this activity.

To prep, just follow this simple step-by-step actions:

  1. Print the printables. You can get them from my store.
  2. Laminate them.
  3. Cut all the cards to separate them. I used paper cutter to make things go smooth and quick.

That’s all it takes!

And then pull out your clothespin supply and your kids will be ready for some fun play!

bugs fireflies count and clip cards

Playing with this Bugs Count and Clip Cards

If you are not familiar with count and clip cards, let me share with you briefly about how to play with it.

  1. First, your kids need to count the bugs in the cards.
  2. Then, clip on the corresponding numbers.

Easy peasy, right?

Sort to Meet Your Kids’ Skill Level

You can also sort the cards according to your kids level.

Some kids are counting only from number 1 to 3. Some counts until 5. While others are working on number 1 until 10.

For those who are counting number 1 to 3, you can just pull out the cards that have 1 – 3 bugs on it.

For instance, my daughter Hannah is currently learning about number 1 until 3.

Hence for her, I just pull out the cards that has 1, 2 and 3 bugs.

But for Maryam, she can do all the count and clip cards.

There are 5 sets of count and clip cards in this set, thus, they would be enough excitement for your kids.

Ready to Play?

Get Your Bugs Count and Clip Cards Bundle

Click below’s image to shop the pack at my store.┬áHave fun!

bugs count and clip cards

For FREE Bugs Count and Clip Cards, check the following posts and Pin them for later!

bugs count and clip cards
Bugs Count and Clip Cards


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Bugs Count and Clip Cards Bundle : 60 Easy Prep and Exciting Cards 2

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