Car Shape Sorting Printables : FREE 8 Shapes to Be Sorted

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Cars has always been my son’s favorite toy. My girls on the other hands, are usually not really into cars, but would not mind to join in the play if there are pink or purple cars.

Today, I would love to share with you one of our exciting preschool printables, which is the Car Shape Sorting Activity, well, if your kids are into the car mood.

cars shape sorting printables Car Shape Sorting Activity

This printable includes 6 shapes that is easily navigated by toddlers.

Don’t worry, this activity is very simple. Your kids do not have to know the name of the shapes.

Let them have fun by fitting the shapes accordingly to the car.

Prepping Car Shape Sorting Activity

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To prepare for this activity, you need to have :

  • Printer – to print the printables
  • Scissors – to cut the shapes
  • Glue – for your kids to paste the shapes onto the suns

First, you would need to print the printable.

Next, cut all the shapes at the first page. These shapes are to be sorted to the cars later.

If you are ready to pass the scissors to your kids, let them have the honor to cut all the shapes by themselves.

Trust me, they would be very excited to cut and help you do the preparation work.

For Durability

For more durability, you can laminate this printable using laminator.

And then put velcro on each of the cars and at the back of each of the shapes.

cars shape sorting

How to Use the Cars Shape Sorting Printables

To play with this printable, your kids or your class would need to match and sort the shapes accordingly.

If they are new to sorting activity, let them try the first simple shapes.

Among simple straightforward shapes are such as the circle, square and triangle.

Let them try to fit those shapes into the cars until they found the perfect match.

While shape sorting is fun, it also helps our kids to learn one-to-one correspondence as well as great for pre-math skills

Get Your Free Download

This printable is FREE. You can grab it by clicking the download button below.

Have fun!

Car Shape Sorting Printables : FREE 8 Shapes to Be Sorted 1

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Car Shape Sorting Printables : FREE 8 Shapes to Be Sorted 2

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