Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing
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Fun Penguin Tracing Worksheets for Your Penguin-Theme Week

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Have you checked out our Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing pack?

If you have penguin obsessed kids, this pack is perfect for them!

Another plus win for you, like most of our Pre-Writing Tracing worksheets, this pack is totally NO-MESS and ‘just click-and-print’!

Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing
penguin pre writing tracing preschool activities

Well, we already have so much to do in this holiday season right?

Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing

Let me share with you what’s included in this pack. There are several types of lines tracing that are basic strokes for kids, and number tracing as well as words tracing:

  • Penguin Horizontal Lines Tracing
  • Penguin Vertical Lines Tracing
  • Penguin Castle Lines Tracing
  • Penguin Diagonal Lines Tracing
  • Penguin Zigzag Lines Tracing
  • Penguin Curved Lines Tracing
  • Penguin Shapes Tracing – Circle, Triangle, Square, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Hexagon
  • Penguin Numbers Tracing – Number 1-10
  • Penguin Words Tracing – Penguin, Belly, Flipper, Bill, Head

Penguin Horizontal Lines Tracing

Enjoy tracing the horizontal lines, which is the most basic lines.

Penguin preschool activities

Penguin Vertical Lines Tracing

Vertical lines make up the letters such as letters ‘B’, ‘L’, ‘I’, and more.

We love to pretend that we are tracing the falling lines when we are doing vertical lines tracing.

penguin preschool activity

Penguin Castle Lines Tracing

This line is a bit tricky, but hey, let’s help the penguins to play with the snowflakes!

penguin preschool printable

Penguin Diagonal Lines Tracing

These are the kind of lines that makes up the letter ‘z’, ‘R’, ‘M’ and more.

Because the lines are short, your little ones will find it easy to trace.

penguin preschool printables

Penguin Zigzag Lines Tracing

As an extension to tracing diagonal lines, you will be doing zigzag lines.

Zigzags are just a combination of 2 diagonal lines together.

winter preschool worksheet

Penguin Upward Curve Line Tracing

Tracing curve lines can be challenging.

penguin winter preschool activities

Just stay on the lines, your kids will be doing fine.

Penguin Downward Curve Line Tracing

These are the lines that make up the letters ‘n’, ‘m’, and more.

Just pretend that the penguins are hopping!

penguin tracing lines

Penguin Vertical Left Curve Line Tracing

Sometimes I find that my kids are struggling with tracing these kinds of lines.

This inspired me to create this tracing practice, and thankfully it helps!

penguin tracing worksheet

Penguin Vertical Right Curve Line Tracing

These are the lines that make up the letters ‘a’, ‘g’, ‘q’ and more.

winter preschool tracing

Penguin Mixed Curve Line Tracing

Finally, your kids will have fun tracing a combination of curve lines, just for fun!

winter preschool tracing lines

Penguin Shapes Tracing

Oooh, tracing these fun shapes will be one of the highlights of your kids doing this activity!

penguin activities tracing

Other than pentagon shapes, your kids will also have lots of fun tracing circles, triangles, squares, and more.

penguin worksheet activities

Penguin Numbers Tracing

These Penguin numbers tracing are also perfect as a penguin counting mat.

penguin activities printables

If you have any cubes or penguin mini erasers lying around, let your kids put them on the penguins on these printables while counting them.

Penguin Words Tracing

These Penguin words tracing set are interesting because your kids would have the opportunity to learn about the body parts of penguins while tracing the letters.

penguin tracing activities

No, they don’t have to be able to read yet, but those red arrows would make them curious and it’s perfect to expose them to the penguin vocabulary!

Try Penguin Mini-Tracing Pack

Feel free to try out the Penguin Mini-Tracing pack by clicking on the download button below.

Fun Penguin Tracing Worksheets for Your Penguin-Theme Week 1

Have fun!

Grab Your Penguin Tracing Pack

Don’t forget to snag your adorable Penguin Pre-Writing Tracing.

Your little ones will definitely love it!

penguin tracing preschool activities

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