Easy Sun Shape Sorting Printables Activities

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Are you looking for Sun-themed activities for your Outer Space activities?

Your kids are going to low this Sun Shape Sorting!

Summer Sun Shape Sorting Printable

This printable is toddler-approved, well-loved by Miss H.

Sorting things are currently is her thing.

How to Do This Activity?

This activity is about recognizing shapes and sorting them accordingly.

Step 1, have your kids cut the purple shapes with kids-friendly scissors.

shape activity preschool
If you’re not ready yet to hand the scissors, you can pre-cut all the shapes.

Step 2, let your kids find and sort which shape belongs to which sun.

Step 3, paste the shapes accordingly.

summer sun shape sorting

If your kids are new to sorting activities, let them start with simple shapes such as circle, squares, and triangles.

Have them try to fit those shapes into the suns until they find the perfect match.

Ready for a fun Sun Shape Sorting activity?

Download Your Freebie

Click the blue button below to download your free Sun Shape Sorting.

Easy Sun Shape Sorting Printables Activities 1

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Easy Sun Shape Sorting Printables Activities 2

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Easy Sun Shape Sorting Printables Activities 3

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