11 FREE Apple Themed Printable : Exciting Activities for Toddlers!

Apple Themed Printable

Apple is yummy! They comes with bright red colors, and also green and yellow.

These makes learning with apples are fun and exciting!

Today I would love to share with you our 11 FREE Apple Themed Printable, that I had so much fun creating! And not to forget, these made my kids asking for more!

Let’s get rolling!

Apple Themed Printables

Apple Themed Printable

To download and get access to the free apple themed printable, be sure to click on the link on the the title of the printables.

#1 : Apples Pre-Writing Tracing

This pack features pre-writing tracing apples. There are basic lines great for toddlers and preschoolers!

#2 : Apples Shape Sorting Printables

Let’s have fun learning shapes!

This is a cut and paste activity your kids would love so much!

Let them polish their fine motor skills while sorting and matching different shapes in the bright red apples.

#3: Apples Counting 1-10 Printables

If your looking for math and counting 1-10 printables, this pack is a must-try!

Kids would have the opportunity to cut and paste apples on apple trees based on the number on the trees.

This is even great for toddlers who is yet counting, but you wish to introduce number sense to them!

#4: Apples Pattern ABAB Printables

Pattern is one of important skill in math.

In this exciting pack, kids would have the opportunity to copy patterns and to complete patterns.

This is a cut and paste activity, your kids would have a blast!

#5: Apples Color Sorting Activities

Bright colors always bring up the mood!

This pack features 3 different colors; red, green and yellow.

Let your kids cut and paste all the apples, and sort them accordingly.

#6: Apples Emotion Sorting Printables

Emotions are among our new favorite topic.

It helps us to reconnect in the deeper part of our kids, letting them to learn how to describe what they are feeling.

This fun pack introduces 7 emotions. That includes simple emotion such as happy and sad.

It also includes some confusing emotions that sometimes makes kids throw tantrum; such as worried, angry and surprised.

This is a great printable for you to practice kids telling you how they are doing, and what you can do to help them feel comfortable.

#7: Apples 10-Frames Printables

10-Frames printable is always a hit among my kids.

In this printables, kids would get to cut and paste some apples in the 10-frames, while counting them.

#8: Apple Number Puzzle Activities

If your kids are learning about number sequence, this printables is perfect for you!

This a low prep activity, you would need to cut the puzzle beforehand.

P.s: I prefer using paper cutter to expedite my prep works.

Let the kids piece up all the puzzles by counting the numbers in sequence.

#9: Apple Do-a-Dot Printables

My toddlers love this!

There are 3 Do-a-Dot in this pack.

You can either use Do-a-Dot marker for this no-prep activity, or you can use dot stickers for more fun!

My kids love to peel and paste dot stickers.

So I thought, it would be great for them to have some fun images to paste dot stickers on, and voila! This printables prove my point!

#10: Apple Dot Sticker Mini Cards

I love this printables because it is mini size and most important part, is that it can fit into my handbag!

I made this pack initially because our family go out frequently.

And as we sat in a restaurant waiting for order, or waiting for an event to start at the hall; the kids would become bored and start their tantrum.

This pack saves all of that. It is to keep the kids busy so that no tantrum will come out.

This really save our sanity!

#11: Apple Number Chart

This exciting number chart helps my kids a lot about counting number 1 to 10.

There are 2 charts in this pack.

The one with solid numbers, and the one with fun numbers where your kids can color them!

More Apple Themed Printable

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