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One stop resources for parents and teachers who seek fun-filled activities for your kids while at the same time help them to explore and learn the whole wide world at their best.

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It was one sunny morning when my sister suggested to me that why don’t we gather our children together and made it like a summer camp. Just a get-together where everybody play together.

The thing is, without proper planning, get-together will easily escalate to fighting among the kids. At least we need 1 or 2 activities on hand for kick start so that later the kids can find their own chemistry.

Thus I started searching for activities for kids, art and craft activities and even activities for active kids. The kids love it! We become more bonded and they become even more creative finding their own idea and passion. Later I created Fluffy Tots represent as a resources for our fun-filled engaging activities ranging for baby 8 months old, toddler 3-6 years old and 8-9 years old.

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