Earth Day Shape Puzzle : FREE 6 Shape Puzzles 2

Earth Day Shape Puzzle : FREE 6 Shape Puzzles

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If your kids or your class love shape sorting activities like our Miss H, you might want to let them play with our Earth Day Shape Puzzle.

Miss H love this bright simple puzzle that she asked for more!

Earth Day Shape Puzzle

This printable includes 6 Earth Day Themed images. That includes the earth, newspaper, light bulb, compost bin, water drop and the recycle bin.

Earth Day Shape Puzzle printables

All of those are cute, cheerful and bright.

It made the kids excited just at the sight of it.

There are basic shapes such as circle, triangle and oval.

Prepping Earth Day Shape Puzzle

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This activity is a low prep activity.

To prepare for this activity, you would need :

The preparation is very simple.

You just need to print it and cut the shapes.

For more durability

But if you wish to reuse this printable, you can always laminate them.

Earth Day Shape Puzzle

How do We Play with Earth Day Shape Puzzle

First, I show Miss H, currently 3.5 years old, which shape match to which picture.

I just wanted to give her a clue so that she will feel motivated to do it by herself.

Then, she asked to do it all by herself without my help.

She put the glue on the blank space on the picture. And then paste the respective puzzle piece.

I am so proud of her. Well, it is not easy to motivate Miss H nowadays.

You can do the same with your child or with your class.

First, they might need a little hint and guide.

Later, they can do everything by themselves.

Get this FREE Download

This Printable is FREE. Grab it by clicking the download button below.

Happy Earth Week and Have Fun!

Earth Day Shape Puzzle : FREE 6 Shape Puzzles 3

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Get a look at our Earth Day Tracing pack!

Featuring tracing lines, tracing shapes, tracing numbers and tracing Earth Day’s words.

Perfect for your 3+ year old!

Earth Day Shape Puzzle : FREE 6 Shape Puzzles 4

Earth Day Shape Puzzle : FREE 6 Shape Puzzles 5

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