Turkey Counting Mats

Turkey Counting Mat : FREE Counting 1-10 Activity

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Every kids has different learning method and move at different phase. All of my kids learn differently and at their own pace.

For Hannah, my 4-years old, it’s kind of quite tricky at first to teach her the number words.

She knows the word for number one, two and three. But yet to get the word four and five.

How She Eventually Learn Counting

As times goes by, we try to do counting using toys and things around us.

Sometimes she would play with some block cubes and little ponies; and started to divide the cubes between the ponies.

While at this, she begin to count and started to ask me how many are the cubes.

Later, I realized that kids really learn better through unstructured play. Well, I read about it many times, and this is one of my real life experience.

Tired of telling her the number words for number 5 and number 4 words repeatedly, suddenly I got an idea.

I told her to show up all of her fingers in one hand, and told her, that quantity of fingers are called five. That is the word for that quantity of number.

Aha! And suddenly she got it! The light bulb moment!

What’s an achievement for both of us!

Since then, I thought of trying to use many types of counting mat with Hannah.

Counting mats help her to recognize the numbers that come with the quantity of things, while at the same time it also helps a lot.

Turkey Counting Mats

So for today, I am thrilled to share with you our Turkey themed counting mats.

Turkey Counting Mat

There are number 1 until number 10.

You don’t have to print all of them.

If your kids are practicing number 1-3, just give them the counting mats for number 1-3.

If they are counting number 4-6, then just pull out the respective counting mats.

How to Use Turkey Counting Mats

There are already adorable turkeys on the counting mats, with the numbers on it.

The way we use it, we put toys on the turkeys while counting the turkeys.

This is great for one-to-one correspondence, as I always observe Hannah usually counts by matching one toy to one of my opened fingers.

For instance, when she asked me what is number 4, and asked me to show my fingers; I would have to open up 4 fingers.

But with counting mats, no more opening fingers for me. Ha!

She would just need to do it with the turkeys instead.

Download Your Freebie

Click on the button below to download your free Turkey Counting Mats. Have fun!

Turkey Counting Mat : FREE Counting 1-10 Activity 1

Shop Fun Thanksgiving Counting Mats

For more exciting Thanksgiving Counting Mats, check out our Thanksgiving 10-Frames.

Cut & paste the Thanksgiving goodies into the 10-frames, while counting 1-10 in 10 frames.

Turkey Counting Mat : FREE Counting 1-10 Activity 2

To help you differentiate, there are 2 options of 10-frames:

  • 10-Frames with dots as hint for your kids who are just beginning to learn to count
  • 10-Frames without dots

Shop your Thanksgiving Counting Mats here…

Turkey Counting Mat : FREE Counting 1-10 Activity 3

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