Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing Pack : Easy No-Prep 40+ Pages Printables!

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Holiday Season is near, and yet so much things to do!

Are you looking for no-prep, easy to go printables for your 3-5 years old kiddos?

Well, you are in the right spot! Come check out our Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing Pack, jam packed with 40+ exciting pre-writing tracing activities!

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing


Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing : No Prep!

Yep, I promise you this printable is all about just print and go!

No cutting needed, not even laminating required! Yeay to super easy to use but still fun and engaging activity!

Or if you wish to reuse it, just slip them into the sheet protectors, and off you go.

Now, let me share with you about the sneak peeks of this exciting Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing.

Featuring 9 Centers of Tracing Activities with Thanksgiving Themes

Because it is Thanksgiving before it is Christmas, so the pack is about Thanksgiving themes! Expect a lot of adorable and fun turkeys.

I also created this pack so that it can also be your kids’ go to activity for cutting practices.

Say yes to multi-use printables!

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing

Ok let’s get back to what this exciting pack features.

Center #1 : Horizontal Lines

The first center is the most basic line, which is the horizontal lines.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing horizont

Center #2 : Vertical Lines

Then, we move to tracing the vertical lines.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing vertical

Center #3 : Castle Lines

Next is the fun castle lines, which is if we look closer, is the combination of both horizontal lines and vertical lines.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing castle

Center #4: Diagonal Lines

Come let us trace the fun diagonal lines.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing diagonal

Center #5 : Zigzag Lines

And after the diagonal lines, come the zigzag lines that are the combination of those diagonal lines your kids did in previous center.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing zigzag

Center #6 : Shapes Tracing

For even more fun, there are also shapes tracing!

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing shape

Center #7 : Number Tracing

This center is so adorable, that while your kids are tracing, they are also counting the numbers!

At this center, your kids will be introduced to number 1 to number 10, and did I mention it to you that you can also use this center to be your Thanksgiving Counting Mat?

Yep! You read it right. It can be used in multiple ways; either for tracing, or simply as a counting mat.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing number

Multi-use printable really saves the day!

Center #8 : Letters Tracing

Here, your kiddos are tracing letters with Thanksgiving theme.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing letter

Center #9 : Words Tracing

And last but not least, let us do some Thanksgiving Word Tracing!

Don’t worry if your little ones don’t read just yet. This center serves to introduce them to the concept of word.

That, a string of letters that put together would form a meaning.

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing word

And, this center is also perfect for your Playdough Mat center!

Yep, roll those playdough and shape it into the words.

It would be super fun for your kids, not to mention you will be relieved because just in one pack, you got to do so many things!

Get Your Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing Pack

You surely don’t want to miss this time saving no-prep printable for your kids, right? No hassle, just print it and go, save your sanity and more!

Head over to our Teachers Pay Teachers Store or click the adorable image below to grab your instant download!

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing Pack : Easy No-Prep 40+ Pages Printables! 1

Thanksgiving Pre-Writing Tracing Pack : Easy No-Prep 40+ Pages Printables! 2

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