Ladybugs Match The 10-Frames Cards : FREE 10 10-Frames Cards

It is spring season. A perfect time to watch bugs in action.

Let us play with some Ladybugs today because I have a new printables that has crawling Ladybugs in it!

It is Ladybugs Match The 10-Frames Cards!

Maryam Counting Journey

First, I would love to share with you about Maryam and her counting journey.

Maryam started to learn to count when she was a t about 5-years old. We started with counting the number 1-5 for months.

When she already master the basic concept, we move to proceed with counting the number 6-10.

But counting number beyond 6 is quite overwhelming. The quantity is a bit much. How would she know which belongs to 7 and which group belongs to the number 8.

Eventually, I thought of 10-frames activity and started to let Maryam try it.

It was a success! Maryam begin to know the difference between 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!

How did we do it?

First, I draw 10-frames boxes with some dots in it. I also put the number symbol next to the 10-frames boxes.

For instance, number 6 is for 6 dots. Number 8 is for 8 dots.

Then, I draw another 10-frames boxes on post-it notes.

I asked her to match them.

Match the 10-frames on the post-it notes, to the 10-frames on the book.

teach preschooler counting

She did this while we were traveling on train at Japan

She love this activity!

Because well, it is easy and it also helps her to understand the quantity of 6 until 10!

Ladybugs 10-frames cards

Ladybugs Match The 10-Frames Cards

To make things more fun, I created this printables. It works with the same concept, but this time, we are having bugs on the leaf.

And we are counting those Ladybugs while matching the 10-frames cards.

How to Play With Ladybugs Match The 10-Frames Cards

First, you need to cut the 10-frames cards on the ‘cut these’ page.

You can skip this process if you know how to print on post-it notes paper. I am still learning on this part.

Then, put the cut 10-frames cards on one side.

Let your kids match the cut 10-frames cards, with the 10-frames boxes next to the Ladybugs on the leaf.

Paste the cut 10-frames cards on the matching 10-frames boxes.

Ladybugs match the 10-frames cards

Grab The FREE Printable

This activity is free. Grab it by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

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