Animals Shadow Matching
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Animals Shadow Matching : FREE 5 Zoo Animals

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My kids love everything about animals, be it farm animals, zoo animals, ocean animals; anything animals related.

I know if we are to do animal theme activity, it would surely be a big hit!

So today I am excited to share our current printables, the Animal Shadow Matching.

Animals Shadow Matching

Prepping Animals Shadow Matching

This is a low prep activity. You would need to cut the animals before activity.

  • If you are not ready to pass the scissors to your kids, you can pre-cut the freebie.
  • But if your kids are practicing their cutting skills, you can let your kids to cut the animals by themselves.

For durability, I recommend that you laminate this printables so that it can be reused.

How to Use Animals Shadow Matching

First, let your kids identify each of the animals features; such as their ears – are they long or short, or their tails.

Then let them match the animals to their own shadows.

This activity is great for visual discrimination skills.

Ready for animals fun?

Grab Your Download

Snag your free Animals Shadow Matching by clicking on the button below.

Animals Shadow Matching : FREE 5 Zoo Animals 1

Have fun!

More free Shadow Matching printables:


Animals Shadow Matching : FREE 5 Zoo Animals 2

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