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Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards : FREE 20 Fun Clip Cards

Strolling down the park, the kids love to observe and do their own scavenger hunt.

Such as who can find the most birds, or the most dogs. Then of course Hannah would usually be furious when she wasn’t the one who find the most birds or cats.

Counting things around us has been one of the kids’ indirect way to learn counting.

Today, I would love to share one of our counting printables, that also use animals, but this time, it is Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards.

Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards

About the Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards

This is no scavenger hunt printable. Maybe I would create one soon.

But this is a simple count and identify which number represents the animals in the cards.

Each card would have ocean animals of different fun colors!

There are starfish, sting ray, whales and sharks!

Some of the whales are purple, some of the crabs are green; and the best part of all, all of them are smiling cheerfully!

Cheerful animals bring lots of fun to the activity.

Prepping this activity

This is one of low prep kind of activity, you wouldn’t want to miss it!

You can either just print and play this printables (I would share with you about ‘Count and Cover’ games), or do a bit of cutting for prep work.

Either way, your kids would have a blast!

But first let me share you about how to prep this printables into clip cards.

  1. First, print this freebie. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get the download link.
  2. Next, cut to separate the clip cards.

Then, you are set to go!

For durability

If you wish to reuse this printable, you can laminate the cards before cutting them out.

Next, how do we use this printables?

Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards Printables

Playing with Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards

First, pull out your clothespin supply. They are important in this game.

To play, let your kids count all the ocean animals in the cards.

Then, let them clip the corresponding numbers using the clothespin.

Oh counting and clipping bring so much fun!

Not to add that clipping are also one of the great way to develop fine motor skill and eye hand coordination.

So much things covered in one activity, high five to that!

Some Twist to Ocean Animals Count and Clip Cards

Sometimes our clothespin supply are out of stock.

And there are times when we don’t have all the time in the world to make some cutting to prep for the activity.

But we would love to let our kids play with this adorable printables.

Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Here is where we put a twist to this ‘Count and Clip Cards’, and that is, we twist it into ‘Count and Cover’ games!

Count and Cover

To play this game, you would need anything that can act as math counter, which is to cover on the corresponding numbers.

First, let your kids count all the animals in the cards. Then, let them cover on the number that represent the ocean animals in the cards.

Among other things that can act as math counter are :

  • Clear counters, or
  • Fish crackers, oh this would be so much fun! Since it is ocean themed, it would be perfect to use this as your math counter!
  • Unifix cube, or
  • Dot sticker, you can pretend the stickers to be the ocean animal’s bubbles. Can you imagine the fun already?

Now, are you ready to play?

Get Your Free Download

Wait no more! Grab your free printables by clicking the download button below. Have fun!

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