Fall Leaves Pattern

Exciting Fall Leaves Pattern Printables : FREE 2 ABAB Pattern

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Are you looking for creative educational ways to utilize the beautiful fall leaves that kept on falling to the ground of your house?

Why don’t you introduce ABAB Pattern to your kids? With lots of bright colors, these Fall Leaves make it perfect for Fall Leaves Pattern Printable activity! (scroll down to download your freebie)

P.s: I also have Apple pattern activity here and Pumpkins pattern printable (these links opens in a new tab for you)

About the Fall Leaves Pattern Printables

This pattern worksheet is about cut-and-paste ABAB pattern activity.

But if you are not ready to hand your kids the scissors, you can pre-cut the leaves.

This pack focuses on the most basic pattern, which is the ABAB pattern.

How to this ABAB Pattern Activity

First, have your kids need to cut all the fall leaves.

Then, paste the fall leaves into the ABAB pattern boxes accordingly.

Fall Leaf Pattern, ABAB Pattern worksheets

Copy the Fall Leaves AB Pattern

In this patterns worksheets printable, we are going to focus on the most basic pattern which is the AB pattern.

There are 2 patterns that are to be copied.

Below is the example of our first pattern which is green fall leaf, orang fall leaf; it repeats 4 times.

Fall LEaves pattern, ABAB Pattern worksheet preschool

Kids are to copy the AB Fall leaf pattern.

The second Fall leaf pattern includes yellow Beech leaf and red Maple leaf.

Your Kids Are Learning More Than AB Pattern

This activity might look simple, but it helps your little kids to discover and explore patterns & for developing fine motor skills.

Activities that involve cutting and pasting helped them a lot to develop :

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Enhance hands strength for pre-writing
  • Visual discrimination, and more!

Ready for fun Fall Leaves ABAB pattern activity?

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    Shop ABAB Fall Leaves Pattern Activity

    Looking for a more exciting ABAB Fall Leaf Pattern activity?

    Shop our Fall Leaf Pattern Pack here!

    Exciting Fall Leaves Pattern Printables : FREE 2 ABAB Pattern 1

    Fall Leaves AB Pattern

    There are loads of Leaves patterns to be copied; your little ones would have a blast cutting, pasting, and sorting!

    Exciting Fall Leaves Pattern Printables : FREE 2 ABAB Pattern 2

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