Fall LeavesPattern Activity

Fall Leaves Pattern Printables : FREE 2 ABAB Pattern Activity

There are so much we can do with a bunch of fall leaves.

Among other things, this is also a the perfect time to let your kids explore about patterns.

Hence, I created this fun Fall Leaves Pattern Printables.

Pattern Printables

Fall Leaves Pattern Printables

This is a no prep activity, but it is a cut and paste activity.

If you are not ready to pass out the scissors, you can pre-cut the leaves.

Fall Leaves Patterns Activity

First, cut these lovely fall leaves

This pack focuses on the most basic pattern, which is the ABAB pattern.

There are 2 patterns available.

Your kids would need to copy those pattern exactly. Find the leaves and paste them accordingly.

Fall Leaves Pattern

Then, paste those cut leaves into these pattern boxes correspondingly.

Other way to enjoy this activity is by using real fall leaves!

It would be so much fun!

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Have fun!

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