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Pom pom Pattern Cards : FREE 24 Exciting Patterns for Toddlers

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If your toddlers love pompoms, you might want to let them play with this Pom pom Pattern Cards.

Oh it was a hit with Miss 3, and still does! Miss 3 love doing it as a morning routine, a thing to do right after she wakes up in the morning.

This Pom Pom Pattern Cards feature 24 Pom pom Patterns Cards including Pom pom Doughnuts and Pom Pom  Flowers.


Preparing Pom Pom Pattern Cards

This is one of our low-prep printable activities.

To prepare Pom Pom Pattern Cards, you need to :

1. Print the FREE Pom Pom Pattern Cards. You can download it from the Download Button at the bottom of this post

2. Laminate the copy

3. Cut the cards

4. Laminate it for the final time

Then you are ready.

It is best to laminate these cards for more durability, so that the kids can play with it for the next days and weeks.

Also, we know how toddlers can easily crumple the plain papers even when they didn’t mean it.

So laminating the cards help them keep in shape.

Oh, don’t forget to prepare a handful of pompoms for your toddlers to play with.


Playing with Pom Pom Pattern Cards 

Draw one card, and let your toddler arrange the pom pom on the cards accordingly. 

Or just give them the cards one by one, or just a few; and the pom pom, they will know how to play.

Miss 3 enjoy doing one card after another, letting the pom pom stays on the previous cards. She loves to see her works on display.

This game is great especially to keep our toddlers busy and occupied in their own world. Sometimes it works as one of keep calm kit.

One-to-one Correspondence

Another thing that is great with Pom Pom Pattern Cards is that it helped toddlers to learn one-to-one correspondence. 

It is a basic skill for kids before they learn counting. They learn that one object is matched is another one object or one person.

Pom pom pattern cards

Get Your Free Download 

This Printable is FREE. You can download the Pom Pom Pattern Cards by clicking the download button below.

Pom pom Pattern Cards : FREE 24 Exciting Patterns for Toddlers 1

More Pom Pom Pattern Cards

Since Hannah kept asking for more, I decided to make some more Pom Pom Pattern Cards.

Head on to my shop to get over 100 Pom Pom Pattern Cards. That includes number counting Pom Pom Patterns.

Trust me, you will love it!

POM POM Pattern cards

For more FREE Pom pom Printables, check the following post. Pin for later!

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Pom pom Pattern Cards : FREE 24 Exciting Patterns for Toddlers 2

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