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Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns

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Pattern is one of the math skills needed for kids.

Although it might sound a bit scary, patterns can be learned in an exciting way!

Today I am going to share with you our latest fun preschool printables, which is the Apple Pattern Printables. 

P.s: I also have Fall Leaves pattern activity here and Pumpkins pattern printable (these link opens in new tab for you)

Apple Pattern Worksheets

Apple Patterns Printables

This apple printable a non-prep activity.

You would just need to print, and there you go!

How To Do This Printables

First, your kids need to cut all the apples, apple trees, apple baskets and empty baskets.

All of these would be needed to be cut into the next pattern boxes.

Apple Patterns Printables
Cut these or you can cut it along while doing the pattern activity.

AB Pattern

In this patterns printable, we are going to focus on the most basic pattern which is the AB pattern.

There are 4 patterns that are to be copied.

The first and second pattern is about apples.

Below is the example of our first pattern which is red apple, green apple, red apple, and green apple.

Kids are to copy the pattern exactly.


The third apple pattern includes apple trees and apple baskets.

The next set of activity is ‘Complete the pattern’

Kids are to make a guess what will be the next pattern.


Fine Motor Skills Involved

This apple printables is great not only for kids to discover and explore pattern, but also perfect for developing fine motor skills.

Activities that involves cutting and pasting helped them a lot to develop :

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Enhance hands strength for pre-writing
  • Visual discrimination, and more!

Grab your Download

Ready to have some apples fun? Snag your free Apple Patterns Printables by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns 1

The Ultimate ABAB Apple Pattern Pack

Looking for more exciting ABAB Apple Pattern activity?

Grab our Apple Pattern Pack!

There are loads of apple patterns to be copied, your little ones would have a blast cutting, pasting and sorting!

Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns 2

Apple Patterns Printables : FREE 4 ABAB Patterns 3

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