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Ocean Animals ABC Matching Games : FREE 26 Exciting Ocean Puzzles

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Trips to aquarium always excites my kids. This is where they got to see a lot of amazing fish and sea animals.

Not only that, aquariums usually also have some animals show.

And the most exciting part is, the touch and feel corner.

This is where the kids are allowed to touch starfish, rays and even feel the octopus’ suction tentacles!

If your kids are learning about ocean animals or having field trip to aquarium, this printables would be great for them.

ocean animals ABC Matching

Ocean Animals ABC Matching Games

While they admire the cute fish, crabs, starfish and others; they also would get to play some matching games.

This game is about piecing together ocean animals puzzle.

If your kids is currently learning ABC letters, they can piece the puzzle together by matching the same letters.

Prepping Ocean Animals ABC Matching Games

This is a low prep printable activity, you will instantly love it!

To prepare for this games:

  1. First, print the FREE printables. You can download it from the download button at the bottom of this post.
  2. Then, cut all 26 puzzles set. Don’t worry, the cutting line is to be easy to cut.
  3. Next, scramble the puzzles and you are ready to go!

ocean animals ABC Matching printables

How to Play with This ABC Matching Games

If your kids are a bit overwhelmed with too much things at a time, you might want to let them do only 3-5 set of puzzles at a time.

Let them find the rhythm.

If your kids are already fluent with puzzle games, then you can hand them all 26 puzzles to be completed.

Once they are done with completing the puzzles, paste the completed pieces together.

To make this activity more fun, you can discuss about those Ocean Animals together or discuss about their different colors.

Ready to Play?

Quick, grab your FREE download today! Just click the download button below and you are set to go!

Ocean Animals ABC Matching Games : FREE 26 Exciting Ocean Puzzles 1

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Ocean Animals ABC Matching Games : FREE 26 Exciting Ocean Puzzles 2

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