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Easter Egg Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Simple Egg Patterns for Toddlers

Easter eggs are colorful and vibrant, it will be great to have some fun with them.

If you are looking for a fun way to introduce pattern to your toddlers, let’s hop in and try out Easter Eggs Pattern Activity.

This FREE printables is perfect for toddlers who are just beginning to learn about pattern.

It has 10 different pattern activity, but all follows the basic pattern which is AB pattern.

Toddlers usually takes a bit more time to learn and grab about new concept before they can master it, hence the repetition of the ABAB pattern in this activity.

easter egg pattern activity

Preparing Easter Egg Pattern Activity 

This is one of the low prep activity for toddlers. To prepare, you need :

1. Print the Easter Egg Pattern Activity mat

2. Cut the eggs at the ‘Cut out page’

Easter Egg Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Simple Egg Patterns for Toddlers 1

Easter Egg Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Simple Egg Patterns for Toddlers 2

Playing Easter Egg Pattern Activity 

First, we need to show the kids how to do the game. 

Show with our fingers each egg patterns, and solve the first 2-3 patterns.

You can ask “What do you think comes next?”, but don’t expect an answer. Or you can just say “Well, I think next would be..”

You can either paste the eggs, or just put it there.

This initial activity is to brief the pattern concept to toddlers. Allow them to process this new thing.

When they are ready, they will ask to do the rest of the pattern by themselves.

easter egg pattern activity

What do kids learn while arranging patterns?

Arranging patterns helps kids to learn about prediction. It is one of the essential skill for counting.

Ability to predict also helps to prepare kids to do much complex activity later on, such as counting things from 1-100 and multiplication.

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