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Pumpkin Alphabet Match : FREE 26 Letters

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Letter recognition can be done in many ways. Among other fun activity is hunting the letter’s pair and match them up!

Today I am excited to share our Pumpkin Alphabet Match printables.

Pumpkin Alphabet Match Game

Pumpkin Alphabet Match

This printable features all 26 letters from A to Z.

It requires a bit of prep work. You would need to cut all the letters before handing them to your kids.

For more durability, don’t forget to laminate them.

Playing with Pumpkin Alphabet Match

This game is simple.

You would just need to find the matching lowercase letter to its uppercase letters.

Usually I would start with the easiest letters, which the uppercase letters looks much alike its lowercase letters. For instance, the letters such as ‘z’, ‘v’,’o’.

These letters are easier to find its pairs.

Next, for the other tricky letters, since my kids are still learning about the uppercase and lowercase letters; I would ask them to refer to their Alphabet Poster.

It is usually fun thing to play because they would need to hunt for the letter’s pair.

Ready for fun alphabet activity?

Get Your Download

Snag your free Pumpkin Alphabet Match by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

Pumpkin Alphabet Match : FREE 26 Letters 1

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Pumpkin Alphabet Match : FREE 26 Letters 3

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