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Thanksgiving Letter Sorting : Easy No-Prep 26 Letter Recognition Activity

As an extension to our Thanksgiving Letter Maze activity, I created Thanksgiving Letter Sorting printable.

This is especially to help scaffold your kids knowledge about letters.

Worry not, this is a fun activity, they won’t even know that they are doing some learning!

Thanksgiving Letter Sorting

Thanksgiving Letter Sorting : No Prep

Yep, this is one of those No-Prep printables especially for you who are having hectic weeks ahead.

If we can just print and go, life would look so much easier, right?

In this pack, you will get 2 sets of Thanksgiving Letter Sorting Activity.

But let me share with you first how to use this Time Saver printables.

About Setting Up Thanksgiving Table

To make it fun, this pack is about ‘Let’s set up the Thanksgiving tables!’

Your kids would have the opportunity to ‘set-up’ either cutleries on the Thanksgiving tables, or you can choose our Thanksgiving Letter Sort #2 which is about setting up Thanksgiving table with Thanksgiving dishes.

Let me share with you about Thanksgiving Letter Sort #2 for example.

Already Mixed Up Letter

First, hand your kids the Thanksgiving Dishes set #1.

This set had dishes with 4 letters; the letter ‘a’ to letter ‘b’.

Thanksgiving Letter Sorting

Hand them the ‘Thanksgiving Dishes Set’ and the corresponding ‘Thanksgiving tables’

And also hand them the Thanksgiving tables with letter Aa, letter Bb, letter Cc and letter Dd.

Then, let them cut the Thanksgiving Dishes one at a time.

Sort and paste the Thanksgiving Dishes to its corresponding Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Letter Sorting

Sort and paste the Thanksgiving Dishes accordingly

Repeat until all tables are complete.

Pretend Play

Afterwards my girls include those completed table into their pretend play; you know, let’s invite our stuffed toys to have dinner!

Easy prep, and full of fun, right?

Ready for fun Thanksgiving Letter Sorting?

Try Our Freebie

You can get your hands on our Free sample by clicking on the download button below. In this freebie, you will get Letter Sorting Activity for the Letter Aa and Bb.

Get Your Instant Download

For the complete set of Letter A-Z, snag your Thanksgiving Letter Sorting at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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