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Fun Ocean Animals Shape Sorting

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Are you looking for Ocean-themed activity?

This Ocean Animals Shape Sorting is the perfect addition for you.

ocean animals shape sorting

About This Activity

My kids love this activity because they got the chance to put their cutting skills into practice.

First, have them cut all the shapes.

If you’re not ready yet to let your kids holding the scissors, you can pre-cut for them.

ocean animals preschool

Next, let your kids sort the shapes to the corresponding ocean animals.

Let them put their glue skills into practice, while of course, you have to repeatedly remind them that a dot of glue is enough.

Sort and paste the shapes; it might look simple but your little kids will really love this.

ocean animals preschool printables

This activity is great for developing one-to-one correspondence skills, color identification activity, shapes identification activity, and eye-hand coordination practice.

While at it, be sure to introduce the name of each of the ocean animals.

Ready for fun shape activities?

Be sure to download your FREE Ocean Animals Shape Sorting here.

Have fun!

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