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Spring Coloring Page : FREE 6 Awesome Coloring by Shapes Pages

Coloring page has always been my go to whenever Hannah is having tantrum.

It is a calm kit for her.

Hand her a coloring page, she will immediately cool down and start to focus on coloring.

Today I would love to share our Spring Coloring Page, which are Coloring by Shape Pages.

Spring Coloring Page

Spring Coloring Pages
FREE Printable Spring Coloring Page
Springs Coloring Page

Spring Coloring Page : Coloring by Shapes

This coloring pages feature 6 coloring by shapes printables. All of those are spring themed.

Hence your kids will be having fun coloring some bird, it’s eggs, some flowers, some bugs, as well as spring weathers.

Spring Color by Shapes

Preparing Spring Coloring Page : Coloring by Shapes

This activity is a low prep activity, you would love it!

First, you would need to print the coloring pages.

Next, you might want to set the color for each shapes included.

For instance, the shape circle is set to be orange color.

Hence, you need to color the hint first, and your child will follow the color that you have set.

But you can always change the color setting according to your child’s mood. We know sometimes kids have their red mood, or not in purple mood.

Spring Color by Shapes Free

Using The Spring Coloring Page : Coloring by Shapes

This pack has 6 free Coloring Pages. I would recommend that you use one page per day for your kids or for your class.

You might want to bring out the first page on Monday, the second page on Tuesday, and so forth.

Even with just one coloring page,it can keep them quite busy.

It is because they have to color each shapes in the page, and the shapes are a lot.

I set the colored area to be as small as possible so that toddlers will not feel too much.

Get The FREE Spring Coloring Page

This Printable is FREE. Grab yours by clicking the Download Button below. Have fun!

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