Christmas Pre-writing tracing diagonal and zigzag lines

Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables : FREE 5 Pages of Diagonal and Zigzag Lines Tracing

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Pre-Writing Tracing is a skill that needs to be develop for kids to be able to write their first letters and numbers.

For today, I’m excited to share our Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables focusing on Diagonal and Zigzag Lines Tracing.

Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Diagonal Zigzag

Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables : Diagonal and Zigzag Lines

First, let me share a bit with you about these lines.

As we know, kids start to trace even early in their age by using their fingers Tracing those mashed potatoes or soups on the table.

Diagonal and Zigzag Lines make up several important letters and numbers such as uppercase letter A, K, M; lowercase letter v, w and Z.

They also are the basic lines that are important for number 4 and 7.

Practicing with these lines help prepare kids to be familiar with those lines and eventually they will be able to write better.

Let’s Prep!

This packet require no preparation. Yeay to No-Prep activity!

You can just print them, and then you’re ready to go!

5 Pages of Pre-Writing Tracing

Let me share a bit of those 5 pages with you.

To make things interesting, I created this pack to be fun-filled with Christmas themed activity.

You’d have Santa running while his gifts are falling.


Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing

You’ll also got to trace the path of Gingerbread Man, Christmas’ car driving to the Christmas house and kids walking to Christmas tree.

Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing

How to Use This Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables

Simply pull out your crayon supply, and let the kids trace their heart out!

Or you can always let them to trace using flair pens, cute markers, or mark those tracing lines using dot stickers or Christmas themed stickers.

Ready to have tracing fun?

Grab your free Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables by clicking on the download button below.

Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables : FREE 5 Pages of Diagonal and Zigzag Lines Tracing 1

I Want More!

If you love this freebie, you’d want to get your hands on our complete Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Diagonal and Zigzag Lines packet.

With over 40 pages of tracing activities, your kids would have a blast!

Christmas DIAGONAL ZIGZAG Line Tracing

More Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables

Check out our collection of Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables :

Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing Printables : FREE 5 Pages of Diagonal and Zigzag Lines Tracing 2

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