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Bugs | Number Recognition

Bugs Number Recognition Easy-to-Use Printables

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Although sometimes bugs can be creepy, they also never fail to amaze little kids with their movement, and sizes.

For your Bugs lesson planning, this Bugs Number Recognition printable will be the perfect addition to your week.

This activity is No Prep Printable Activity, your kids will have fun with them!


How to Use the Bugs Number Recognition Printables

This activity will help your kids to get familiar and recognize the number 1 to 10.

To do this activity:
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  1. Identify what number it is on the bugs’ body.
  2. Then find the matching numbers from the bubbles around it.
  3. Color the matching bubbles, or you can cover them using manipulative such as:

Ready for Bugs fun?

Download Your Bugs Number Recognition Printables

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Bugs Number Recognition Easy-to-Use Printables 1

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Bugs Number Recognition Easy-to-Use Printables 2

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  1. I love the printables. They are adorable. And, I know that the children will love them as well.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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