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Bugs Number Recognition : FREE 1-10 Number Recognition Printables

Although sometimes bugs can be creepy, they also never fails to amaze little kids with their movement, and sizes.

My children loves to observe ladybugs and watching some other little bugs munching on the leaves.

If you are looking for bugs themed printables for number sense, grab our our Bugs Number Recognition Printables.

This activity is No Prep Activity, you will learn love it instantly!


About Bugs Number Recognition

This printables features 10 bugs and insects; which includes smiling flea, bee, dragonfly and grasshopper.

Each of them has a number on their body.

The numbers counts from number 1 until number 10.

There are also number bubbles around the bugs.


How to Play With The Bugs Number Recognition Printables

This activity is simple and fun.

To play, simply find the matching numbers.
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  1. Identify what number it is on the bugs’ body.
  2. Then find the matching numbers from the bubbles around it.
  3. Color the matching bubbles, or you can cover them using manipulative such as:

This activity would help your kids to recognize and master the shapes of numbers.

Get Your Free Download

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Have fun!

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