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Spring Animals Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Patterns of Cute Spring Animals

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Playing patterns are quite common among preschoolers, without them realizing it. Usually it involves them arranging cereals or foods in a line.

If you are looking for Spring Animals Pattern Activity for this spring season, you are in the right place.

Spring Animals Pattern Activity

This FREE printables include 4 spring animals which are the cheerful bunnies, the bright yellow chicks, the vibrant green frogs and the fluffy little sheep.

All four of them made up total ten (10) patterns for your kids to try on.

Spring Animals Pattern Printable

Simple Basic Pattern

I made only the simple pattern which follow ABAB pattern.

This is especially for toddlers and preschoolers who are just beginning to recognize what does a pattern looks like. And also not to overwhelm them with too much patterns.Spring Animals Pattern Printable


Prepping Spring Animals Pattern Activity

This activity requires very minimum preparation.

For busy parents

If you are busy and only have few minutes to prepare, you can just print the printables.

Let your kids cut the picture at the last page, and let them paste those pictures into the ‘what-comes-next’ box. That is the box with the question mark symbol.

For parents who have a bit more time

If you have a bit more time, you can laminate the printables and put velcro on the ‘what-come-next’ box. This helps the printables to be more durable and can be reuse for the next time.

Spring Animals Pattern Printable

As much as it looks fun, pattern activity actually helps our kids a lot.

According to Science Daily, the ability to recognize patterns helps kids’s language development.

NRIC also shares that doing pattern activity also helps build early algebraic thinking.

Spring Animals Pattern Printable

Get Your FREE Download

This Pattern Activity is free for you. Grab it by clicking the download button below.

Spring Animals Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Patterns of Cute Spring Animals 1

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Spring Animals Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Patterns of Cute Spring Animals 2

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