Winter Letter Sorting
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Winter Letter Sorting : Easy 26 Letter Recognition Activity

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In my Homeschool curriculum with my kids, the first thing to our reading journey is for the kids to get to know their letters.

It’s important for me to create a little system for us to keep my sanity.

For now, our system looks like this:

Letter Recognition > Letter Beginning Sounds (phonics) > CVC > Rhyme > Sight Word (via Emergent Reader)

For today, I’m sharing with you our yet another exciting Letter Recognition Activity, the Winter Letter Sorting!

Winter Letter Sorting

I love creating Letter Sorting and if the images are adorable enough, my kids would be excited to do it.

But well, we don’t do all 26 letters at a time. It would overwhelmed them.

Winter Letter Sorting

Let me share with you how our Winter Letter Sorting works.

This pack is about helping the kids to find their matching sweaters.

First, there would be sweaters written with uppercase and lowercase letters.

Winter Letter Sorting

You can either let your kids cut first these sweaters, or work backwards, which is cut the sweaters when they got their Kids’ Sorting Mat.

Winter Kids Letter Sorting Mat

Next, you would find pages with Kids Letter Sorting Mat.

In these pages, there are kids and each of them has specified letters.

For this example, this is Winter Kids with letter Aa.

Winter Letter Sorting

What your kids need to do is find the sweater with letter A and letter a, and paste them to this kids page.

Or paste those sweaters on the kid’s body, it’s like dressing up the kids with matching letters.

Winter Letter Sorting
This is example for Letter ‘Ll’

Repeat this with other 26 letters.

Your kids would be thrilled to dress those little winter kids with sweaters.

1-4 Letters at a Time

Usually we would do 1-4 letters per session.

Winter Letter Sorting
Overview of all the 26 letters

You can hand the letters of the day’s sorting mat, and the sweaters that needed to be cut.

Let them work their own way.

Ready for Winter Letter Sorting fun?

Grab Your Download

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Winter Letter Sorting

Have fun!

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Winter Letter Sorting : Easy 26 Letter Recognition Activity 1

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