Counting Activities for Google Slides

Popsicle Counting Activities for Google Slides™ : FREE Number Sequence 1-10

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I’ve been debating whether or not to try to add activities for Google Slides™ activities to our growing list of preschool printables.

But once I’ve got the hang of it, wow, it is quite interesting!

Today I’m excited to share our free Counting Activities for Google Slides™ with Popsicle theme, perfect to be used as digital learning counting practice for preschoolers.

counting activities for Google Slides

How to Use This Counting Activities for Google Slides™

This fun math activities for preschoolers is about number sequencing number 1-10.

To do the activity; just have your kids drag the Popsicle in the right number 1-10 sequence.

That’s it.

P.s: You can pair this activity with our PDF fun Popsicle theme printables

The Technical Parts

First of all, this is not a printable, but it is a digital activity, which means you would need internet connection to use it.

But you don’t have to print anything. Yeay for this!

A few important things to note :

  • The file is in read-only mode.
  • You can only view it.
  • To use this activity: Subscribe below to access the file
  • Then go to File > Make a copy > Entire presentation

Note for Teachers

You may share this file with your OWN students only.

To assign to students :

  • Students must use Google Slides™ on their computer or iPad.
  • Make sure you have a copy of this file on your own Google Drive™.
  • To assign this file to your student, make a copy from your own copy.
  • Click on Share button
  • Select “anyone with the link can edit

You must make a copy for each of your student.

This is so that the slides will not get overwritten each time a student works on it.

This also ensure that each student has their own file to work on.

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Slides of Activity


This activity is perfect addition to your digital math lessons for preschoolers.

More Popsicle Counting for Google Slides™ for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

For more adorable Popsicle counting activities on Google Slides™, be sure to check our resources at our store here!

Among the counting activities include (this is not PDF, this is counting activities on Google Slides™):

  • 10-Frames Popsicle’s Truck – Drag the adorable Popsicle to fill in the 10-frames. Fill the 10-frames according to the number on the coin.
  • 10-Frames in Popsicle – Count the 10-Frames in the Popsicle. Drag the matching numbers.
  • Popsicle in 10-frames – Get the fun going while counting Popsicle in 10-frames! Drag the corresponding numbers.
  • I Spy Popsicle – Have fun counting the Popsicle’s decorations such as chocolate chips, cherries, and more! Count them and type the number in their own boxes.
  • Count and Graph – Count and graph the Popsicle. Drag the red box to graph.


More Counting Activities for Google Slides™

For more adorable Math activities for Google Slides™, check out our resources at our store:

Counting Activities for Google Slides

Popsicle Counting Activities for Google Slides™ : FREE Number Sequence 1-10 1

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