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Space Sorting : FREE 3 Planets!

Today I’m excited to share our space themed printables, the Space Sorting!

In this pack, we would sort 3 adorable planets including the Earth, Venus and Mars.

space printables

Space Sorting

This is a no prep activity.

You can just print it and ready to go!

How to Play with This Printable

To do this Space Sorting printables, first, you would need to pull out your supply of scissors and glue.

Let your kids cut all the planets out, and sort and paste them accordingly.

All the planets are smiling to welcome your kids to fun activity!

Sorting and Kids

Kids are naturally love to do sorting.

Sorting may looks fun, but it is important both academically especially in math and it is also important in life skill survival.

Among others, sorting helps kids to connect the dots of several information, make informed decisions, dealing with unexpected events and more.

Get Your Download

Don’t forget to grab your free Space Sorting printables by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

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