Christmas is a Holiday that is filled with colors and joyous events.

And do you know that it’s also perfect time to get your kids busy with exciting fun educational Christmas printables!

Learning doesn’t have to be mundane. We can use all the Christmas goodies to be our learning tools.

I’m creating this Page with the hope that you are able to find activities that works with your kids during this Holiday season. Here we go!

P.s: This is a growing collection of Christmas Printables for preschool and preK. More will be added in nearest time.

Christmas Printables for Preschool

Christmas Printables : Pre-Writing Tracing

Fine motor skills are among the crucial part for 3-5 years olds. We cannot expect a child to be able to write numbers and letters out of the blue.

That’s why it is important for them to use their hands a lot to play. If the weather doesn’t allow your kids to play outside, let them have a go at Christmas Pre-Writing Tracing printables.

There are a lot of variety for you to choose from.

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