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Apple Emotion Sorting Mat : FREE 7 Emotions

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Children throwing tantrum is normal. But there’s a lot parents can do to help relieved that tantrums.

One of the reason why children throwing tantrum (apart from hungry, tired and more); is because they don’t know what they are feeling.

They don’t have the right vocabulary for what is brewing inside.

Hence, it is great to start introducing our toddlers about various kind of emotions.

Apples emotion sorting worksheet

Today I would like to share with you, our first emotion printables – the Apple Emotion Sorting mat. (perfect addition to your Apple Week activities)

Apple Emotion Sorting Mat

This Apple printable has 7 different basic emotion. It evolves around daily emotion such as happy, sad, scared, worried, surprised, excited and angry.

First, you would want to explore all the 7 emotion with your kids.

Together, make the faces of those emotions.

And better, include what situation usually both of you would experience such emotion.

For instance, you might notice your girl would be scared to sleep by herself at night. Try to discuss that emotion.

Or that your boy is excited when he got to play at the playground.

Sort the Apple Emotion

After going through those emotions, it’s time to play the sorting game.

Cut the apples with emotions, and sort them accordingly.

apple emotion sorting printables

The next time your kids would throw any tantrum, try gently to ask him what actually he is feeling right now.

Is it worried apple, or scared apple, or sad apple?

Sometimes visual images helps both us and our children to understand each other better.

Ready to have some fun?

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Have fun!

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Apple Emotion Sorting Mat : FREE 7 Emotions 1

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Apple Emotion Sorting Mat : FREE 7 Emotions 2

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