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Apple Dot Stickers Mini Cards : FREE 7 Apple Dots

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My 15 months old love to play with dot stickers. She love to peel it and paste it everywhere.

Hence I thought it would be great if we do some dot stickers activity.

For this post, I would love to share our latest dot stickers printable, the Apple Dot Sticker Mini Cards.

Apple dot sticker printables

Apple Dot Stickers Mini Cards

I made this printable to be a stack of mini cards so that it can fit into my handbags.

This is sanity saver every time we go to the restaurant.

It keeps my 15 months old busy when we are outside.

apple dot sticker printables
This page is divided into 4 mini cards.

Prepping the activity

This printable needs a bit of preparation.

  1. First, you need to print it. You can scroll to the bottom of this post to get the download link.
  2. Then you have to laminate the cards, cut them, and laminate it for the final time.
  3. It is optional for you to bind all the cards using ring binder. Or you can let it loose.

Get Your Download

Grab your free Apple Dot Sticker Mini Cards by clicking on download button below.

Have fun!
Apple Dot Stickers Mini Cards : FREE 7 Apple Dots 1

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