Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Shadow Matching : FREE 3 Sets of Shadow to Be Matched

These Fall Leaves Shadow Matching printables are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

With fall is just around the corner, it will be fun to play matching games!

Fall Leaves Shadow Matching Printables

Fall Leaves Shadow Matching

This printable is a no prep activity.

Unless you are not ready to let your kids holding the scissors, then you can cut the leaves before this activity.

To play with this printable, let your kids find the matching leaf to its shadow.

Fall Leaves Shadow Matching Printables

Cut these leaves first. Or if your kids are currently practicing cutting using scissors, you can let them cut their own leaves.


Fall Leaves Shadow Match Printables

Match the leaves to its shadow

Skills Developed

This is great for them to practice visual discrimination, and learn to pay attention to details of things.

For instance, some leaves has rough edges, but there are leaves that has smooth edges.

They will learn sorting, when they try to sort which shadow belongs to which.

There are 3 leaves and its shadow to be matched in this pack.

Twist The Game!

Other ways to play with this printables is to turn it into memory game.

You can print a couple of copies of the colored leaves and play this exciting game!

Or, you can hunt the real fall leaves at your doorstep and match them with the one in the printables!

Ready to have some fun?

Get Your Download

Grab your free Fall Leaves Shadow Matching Printables by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

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