Fall Leaves Puzzle Activity
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Fall Leaves Puzzle : FREE 4 Leaves Puzzle

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My daughters love to piece together things.

For instance, my 15 months old love to put the bottle cap on by themselves even though it looks tricky.

I add this Fall Leaves Puzzle in our growing preschool printables, because my kids love to piece things like puzzle.

Fall Leaves Puzzle Printables

Fall Leaves Puzzle

This puzzle features 4 different type of fall leaves, with each has different colors.

Fall Leaves Puzzle
The golden Beech leaf puzzle. Pre-cut this puzzle before activity.
Fall Leaves Puzzle : FREE 4 Leaves Puzzle 1
The mesmerizing golden with orange hue maple leaf.

This is a low prep activity.

You would need to pre-cut all the puzzles, and scramble them.

Then, let your kids find the matching pieces, and paste and piece them together.

Fine motor skills

Puzzle is great for fine motor skills.

It helps to develop eye-hand coordination when the kids are to put the piece together and paste them.

Puzzle also great is a great activity to help boost your kids’ self esteem, especially when they are able to find the missing piece.

Ready to have puzzle fun?

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    Fall Leaves Puzzle : FREE 4 Leaves Puzzle 2

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    Fall Leaves Puzzle : FREE 4 Leaves Puzzle 3

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