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Space Shape Matching : FREE 4 Shape Matching

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Do you have kids who love everything about space?

Well, we do and that’s why I am excited to share our first space themed printables.

Today, our printables is about Space Shape Matching.

We did read few books about planets, and it is so much exciting to do activities about them!

shape sorting printables

Space Shape Matching

This is a no prep activity, you can just print it and ready to go!

There are four shapes in this pack. that includes circle, diamond, rectangle and pentagon.

Fine Motor Skills Activity

I love this printable because my kids love to do cut and paste activities, as well as sorting and matching.

This activity would help to promote your kid’s fine motor skills especially :

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Visual discrimination, with the exciting planets’ colors
  • Eye-hand coordination, especially to cut all the shapes in neat lines

and more!

Get these adorable planets to excite your kids today!

Get Your Download

You can grab this free printables by clicking on the download button below.

Have fun!

Space Shape Matching : FREE 4 Shape Matching 1

Want More Space Themed Printables?

If you love these freebies and wish to get the entire bundle of Space Preschool Pack, click the button below to purchase it at my Teacher Pay Teachers Shop.

Space Shape Matching : FREE 4 Shape Matching 2

Space Shape Matching : FREE 4 Shape Matching 3

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