Mitten Color by Number

Fun Winter Mitten Color By Number Counting 1-4

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Are you looking for a Winter coloring page that is also about learning numbers 1-4?

If you do, you would love our latest Winter-themed color by number printable- the Mitten Color By Number!

winter mitten color by number

My 4 years old is currently counting numbers 1-4. She is progressing to number 5, but I want to be sure that her 1-4 counting is strong enough to proceed to the next level.

Hence, this simple activity.

Let me share you a bit about this exciting Winter-theme coloring page activity.

Getting Ready for Color By Number Activity

First, let’s talk about getting the activity ready.

This is a ‘click-and-print’ activity.

All you need to do is just print the winter coloring pages, and you are ready to go!

This pack is perfect for Holiday break activities or School break filler activities.

2 Main Activities

This Winter-themed color by number printable include 2 main activities:

Activity #1 – Number Recognition

This is where your kids need to find the matching numbers and color the mitten accordingly.

If it says number ‘1’ is yellow, then find number ‘1’ on the mitten, and color yellow in the number ‘1’ area.

winter color by number worksheet

Your kids cannot read yet?

No worries.

I typed the color words in their own colors.

This is so that kids can guess what color does that number represents.

Activity #2 – Count the Dots on the Dice, and Find the Number

This activity is a bit tricky for 3-4 years old, but you can try it.

First, count the dots on the dice on the mitten winter color by number printable.

Write the number of the dots so that they won’t forget.

Then, find the matching numbers on the mitten.

Next color the mitten by numbers.

winter color by number

If the dice with 2 dots says ‘Pink’, then you have to color ‘Pink’ for the number ‘2’ on the mitten.

10 Exciting Mitten Designs

Learning is fun when there is so much variety!

Hence our Mitten Color By Number printable offers 10 different mitten designs for your kids to color!

Below is mitten with ice cream design. Yummy!

winter color by number
Ice cream mitten


There are also winter mitten with design of a cat, cactus and more!

winter color by number worksheet
Adorable kitty mitten color by number

Your kids would surely love it!

Ready for Exciting Winter Coloring Activity?

Grab your Mitten Winter Color By Number at our store by clicking on the image below.

winter color by number printable

Have fun!

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Fun Winter Mitten Color By Number Counting 1-4 1

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