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Frog Life Cycle Activity : FREE 6 Sequence Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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My kids love this Frog Life Cycle Activity simply because the frog looks cute.

Well, that’s how we tackle learning, right? Make it fun and enjoyable as much as possible.

frog life cycle activity

Frog Life Cycle Activity 

This Frog Life Cycle Activity the complete sequence of Frog Life Cycle and 6 sequence activities for kids to work on.

frog life cycle printable

First, lets get into how the Frog Life Cycle starts. Believe me, sometimes I myself need to dust off some of my rusty knowledge regarding this. It’s exciting though.

The Frog Life Cycle starts when the mom frog lay some eggs in the pond.

Later those eggs will hatch and become tadpoles. Tadpoles looks like fish. It has tails and it swims in the water.

Next, these Tadpoles would grow legs. They have a tail and legs.

After that, these Tadpoles will grow into Froglets. Which means it looks like a frog with four legs, but it still has a small tail. 

At the end, the Froglets will lose its tail and become a full grown Frog.

Preparing Frog Life Cycle Activity 

This printable is made with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. 

Which means at this ages, they are not yet doing reading by themselves; hence this is a simple cut and paste activity.

frog life cycle activity free

First, there would be a picture of complete Frog Life Cycle.

Then, you need to cut some images from the printable.

Doing Frog Life Cycle Activity 

To do this activity, first, read to the kids about the frog life cycle. Show them the picture of complete Frog Life Cycle while discussing with them.

Then, let them paste the right phase into the blank box.

frog life cycle activity freebie

The cute frogs will immediately capture their attention and get ready for lots of interesting questions!

Get Your Free Download 

Grab your Free Download by clicking the Download Button below. 

Have fun!

Frog Life Cycle Activity : FREE 6 Sequence Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers 1

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