Beginning Sounds Letter A
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Beginning Sounds Letter A : FREE 3 Simple Activities

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I noticed with my kids who are just beginning to learn to read; it helps when I introduce them to the letters’ sound while they learn about the ABC letters’ shapes.

By doing variety of activities, they grabbed the concept even better.

Today, we are doing Beginning Sounds Letter A.
Beginning Sounds Letter A

This pack has 5 fun activities and the best part is, it is no prep printables!

Pull out your supplies of scissors, glue and crayons; and you are ready to go!

Beginning Sounds Letter A Activities

First, let me share with you our first page activity.

Trace, Color and Find

There are 3 activities in this page.

Activity #1 : Trace the letters

Trace the letters let your kids to learn the letter A formation, for both uppercase letter and lowercase letter.

You can trace it using crayons, or bare fingers, or add some fun by using q-tips and watercolor!

Activity #2 : Color the pictures

Next, let your kids color all the pictures that begin with the letter A.

There are apple (of course), an ant, avocado, award and anchor.

Say those names out loud so that your kids can hear how beginning sounds letter A sounds.
Beginning Sounds Letter A

Activity #3: Find the letter

The third activity in this page is find the letter.

There is a little simple poem about apples. Read it together with your kids. And let them find all the letter A in there.

I first show Maryam how to do it. I showed her uppercase letter A and lowercase letter a.

Later she did all by herself.

It is quite fun to do this Letter A Scavenger Hunt activity.

Cut, Paste and Color

Second page is about strengthening your kids fine motor skill by them cutting and pasting all those pictures.

In this activity, your kids would need to cut, paste and color all the pictures with beginning letter A.

Paste them onto the letter A.

Alphabet A printables

Get familiar with letter A with different faces

Third page is about familiarizing your kids with different looks of letter A.

More often we met letters in different fonts, sometimes in magazines, those letters are decorated with stripes and blocks.

Hence in this page, we introduce them with variety faces of letter A; the uppercase version and the lowercase version.

Let them cut all the letter A of various fonts, and paste it onto the letter a.

Let them know that although they look a bit different; but as long as the basic formation is the same, they are still the letter A.

Letter A Activity
Are you ready to have fun with your kids?

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The Complete Cut and Paste for Letter A to Z

Looking for the complete Cut and Paste Letter Activities?

Check out our Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste packet.

It includes all letters from Letter A to Letter Z, and include both lowercase and uppercase letters.

Perfect for very beginning learners who are just learning about their letters and beginning sounds.

Letter cut and paste

Beginning Sounds Letter A : FREE 3 Simple Activities 2

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