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Thanksgiving Letter Maze : Simple No Prep 26 Letters Activity

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Among the first step to introduce the ABC letters to kids, is to familiarize them with the look of all 52 ABC symbol. These includes 26 lowercase letters and 26 uppercase letters.

But for some 3 – 5 years old , recognizing both lowercase and uppercase letters at once can be overwhelming and confusing.

Hence I created a series of Letter Maze, starting with this Thanksgiving Letter Maze; well because Thanksgiving is just around a few weeks.

This series aim to help break down the Letter Recognition process into 3 steps.

  • Step 1 : Lowercase Letter Maze
  • Step 2 : Uppercase Letter Maze
  • Step 3 : Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Maze

To make it fun, Thanksgiving Letter MazeĀ is created to be about helping the turkey to find its friend. Kids love to feel that they are helping or contributing to something!

Thanksgiving Letter Maze

Thanksgiving Letter Maze : No-Prep

Yep, you read it right. No prep.

This is one of our printable activities that need no preparation; just click-and-print and you are ready to roll!

The Features

This pack includes all 26 letters from the letter A to the letter Z.

Thanksgiving Letter Maze
Step 1: To recognize all lowercase letters symbols.
Thanksgiving Letter Maze
Step 2: To recognize all uppercase letters symbols.
Thanksgiving Letter Maze
Step 3: To learn which lowercase is ‘the friend’ to which uppercase letter symbols

But special for letter ‘x’, there are 2 copies for this letter.

This is because not many words start with letter ‘x’, but there are a lot of words that end with that letter.

So I made one maze is for the picture that begin with the letter ‘x’, and the other is for the picture that end with the letter ‘x’

Pictures for Easier Understanding

Each letter’s page has a picture that represent them.

For example, letter ‘a’ has ‘apple’ pictures. This is so that preschoolers can remember the letters easier because it give them meaning; letter ‘a’ is for apple, and letter ‘b’ is for banana, and more.

How to Use The Thanksgiving Letter Maze

First, show to your kids which letter they should color.

Each page has specified letter recognition at the top right. Or they can follow the Turkey’s starting arrow.

Thanksgiving Letter Maze

Just color the same letters they can find and help the Turkey find its friend.

And hey! To make it more fun, let’s make a competition between them – who find all the letters first, win the game!

Twist of Fun

Routine can bored kids easily. To make things more interesting, it is recommended to change the activity’s ‘tools’ once a while.

Instead of color the letters in the Letter Maze using crayons, you can also give your kids other ‘tools’ to mark the letters.

Other things that can be used to mark the letters include ABC stamps, bingo dabbers, ABC stickers, dot stickers, mini erasers and more!

Get Your Thanksgiving Letter Maze

Ready to rock your Thanksgiving Literacy Center?

Get your hands on our Thanksgiving Letter Maze at the Teachers Pay Teachers Store! Or you can click on the adorable image below to check it out!

Thanksgiving Letter Maze

Thanksgiving Letter Maze : Simple No Prep 26 Letters Activity 1

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