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Lemonade 10-Frames Cards : FREE Counting 1-10 Printables

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Summer and cool lemonade are inseparable.

If you are looking for fun printables for your kids to do a bit of Summer Math Review, you would definitely want to grab our Lemonade 10-Frames Cards!

This cool printables are free and low prep, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Lemonade 10-frames cards

It helps your kids to review counting from number 1 to number 10 in such a fun exciting way!

Preparing This Printables

This is a low prep activity, that all you need to do is just print, and cut.

That’s all!

You don’t even have to laminate them, unless you want it to be more durable.

Next, let me share with you how to use this simple yet fun printables.

How to Use The Lemonade 10-Frames Cards

First, there will be ice cube page.

In this page, there are several ice cubes ready to be cut. These ice cubes are to be pasted then onto the Lemonade 10-Frames ice cube tray.

Cut the ice cubes

What you would need to do is, to cut all the ice cubes in this page.

I prefer to cut them using paper cutter.

It saves a lot of time and make cutting looks more neat.

Lemonade 10-Frames Cards : FREE Counting 1-10 Printables 1

The Lemonade 10-frames cards

Then, we will meet with the exciting Lemonade 10-frames cards!

In these pages, there will be Ice Tray.

This ice tray represents the 10-frames that your kids need to work on.

Paste the ice cubes on the ice tray

I have also put some dots on the 10-frames as a hint for your kids.

Let your kids paste the ice cubes onto these dots while doing their counting.

These dots are also to ensure that if she doesn’t really grab the concept yet, she still can have fun doing this printables.

Fun activities helps kids learn better!

Lemonade 10-frames activity

Are you ready to let your kids have fun with icy cool lemonade?

Grab Your Freebies!

Snag your download by clicking on the download button below. Have fun!

Lemonade 10-Frames Cards : FREE Counting 1-10 Printables 2

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