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Farm Tracing Mat : FREE 7 Simple Tracing Mat for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Farm theme always a favorite among my kids. Hence this Farm Tracing Mat is well-loved by everybody in this house.

P.s: You can also check out our other Farm Pre-Writing Tracing Pack HERE, and other tracing printables here.

It’s no secret that kids love animals, especially those that looks cute and make cute sounds. Miss 3 and Miss 5 love sheep because of the sound Baa.

These mats are created while I watched Miss 3 and Miss 5 closely, what did they first write and how better can I support them.

They also serves as one of our quiet and busy printable activity.

farm tracing mat

It features 7 tracing lines and 5 farm animals. The tracing lines include straight line, zig zag line, square shaped lines and more.

The tracing lines are also repeated, same lines for the 5 farm animals; mainly to give kids’ variation. Well, for Miss 3, different animal need to have their own different path.

farm tracing mat

Farm Tracing Mat for Pre-Writing Skills

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Prior to be able to write the strokes that form alphabet ABC or numerical symbol 123, kids need to practice a lot of Pre-Writing Skills.

This skills is needed to guide their little hands to write smoothly.

Having said that, Pre-Writing Skills are not limited to those activities using color pencils and crayons. The basic part is by moving our hands, loosen it up.

Among good basic Pre-Writing Skills according to Growing Hands-On Kids, include :

And more.

This Farm Tracing Mat sets provide a bit advance Pre-Writing Skills for kids; which include drawing a straight line, curvy lines and more.

It might look very simple, but these are among important things to help our kids to start to write more meaningful words.

Farm Tracing Mat : FREE 7 Simple Tracing Mat for Toddlers and Preschoolers 1

Prepping Farm Tracing Mat

This is a very simple and quick to setup activity.

What you would need to do is just :

  1. Print the 7 sets of Farm Tracing Mat
  2. Give it to your toddlers and let them scribble, or trace the lines. Or let them cut along the dotted lines.

Voila! You got yourself a few moments of me time. (insert excited face emoji)

If you have more time, and you wish to bring the mat to restaurant for busy restaurant activity, then I would suggest that you laminate it first.

Prepping Farm Tracing Mat for Busy Restaurant Activity

It would be a huge relief to have some ‘tools’ to keep our toddlers from throwing tantrum at the restaurant while waiting for order.

I know gadget is fun to give. But let’s be honest, sometimes I myself do feel guilty for handing those electronic gadget to our kids.

And many times we see how their behavior worsen after they watch some movies on the gadget. They would throw even more tantrum after gadget session.

Farm Tracing Mat

Hence, I think it would be great to prepare some busy restaurant activity for our kids.

To prepare, you would need to :

  1. Print the 7 sets of this Farm Tracing Mat
  2. Laminate them
  3. Cut it using paper cutter, into several stripes
  4. Bind those stripes using Ring Bind
  5. Laminate them once more
  6. And store it in your handbag or small ziplock bag

Don’t forget to store along marker for your toddler to trace the line at restaurant later.

Other Ways to Do Farm Tracing Mat

Apart from using crayon or pencil color to trace the lines, you can also laminate this copy and invite your kids to use other materials to trace the lines, such as:

  • Marker pen
  • Q-tip and watercolor
  • Dot stickers
  • Their own fingers

Or you can let your child cut the lines.

Grab Your Download

Get you FREE Farm Tracing Mat for your kids or for your class, by clicking the Download Button below.

Have Fun!

Farm Tracing Mat : FREE 7 Simple Tracing Mat for Toddlers and Preschoolers 2

Want More Tracing Lines?

If you love this freebie and want to purchase the entire bundle, click the picture below to go to the link in my Teacher Pay Teacher’s shop.

Farm Pre-Writing Centers

Farm Tracing Mat : FREE 7 Simple Tracing Mat for Toddlers and Preschoolers 3

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    It just looks like a game designed for the toddlers to help them to learn. It’s too colorful for the toddlers to attract them towards this learning method. It will help the teachers as well as to the parents to make their kids study well and perform well.

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