Easter Shape Sorting Activity : 8 Amazing Shapes To Be Sorted 1
3-6 Years Old | Shape Sorting

Easter Shape Sorting Activity : 8 Amazing Shapes To Be Sorted

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As Easter approaches it will be fun to learn shape sorting with some eggs. Hence, let’s play Easter Shape Sorting.

This activity features 8 shapes to be sorted and it is suitable for both toddlers and preschoolers.

Easter Egg Shape Sorting

Prepping Easter Shape Sorting Activity 

This is a low prep printable activity. You just need these 3 things :

  • Printer
  • Scissors 
  • Glue

Preparing it :

1. Print the Eggs on Easter Shape Sorting Activity 

2. Cut the shapes 

Then it’s ready!

Playing Easter Shape Sorting Activity 

It is recommended that we start with the basic shapes first; such as square, triangle and circle.

When your child has master with those basic shapes, you can start to put out the more complex shapes such as pentagon, diamond and trapezoid.

Easter Egg Shape Sorting Activity
Easter Egg Shape Sorting Printable

It is recommended to go step-by-step with toddlers because shapes with too much sides, or the same side but different character might overwhelmed 3 years old.

Let them have some self confidence with those basic shape first. Once they recognize the simple shapes, we can level up the game.

Easter Egg Shape Sorting

Add some twist

This games can be played in many other ways as well. Some ideas for you to try :

Twist #1: Play shape sorter with playdough 

First, you need to laminate the Easter Shape Sorting Activity mat, so that the playdough won’t stick too much on the paper. 

Why laminate?

Because toddlers love to roll play dough onto activity mat. Sometimes they get the shapes instantly, but many times, they need to adjust and re-roll.

This rolling and adjusting playdough might break the paper. Thus, it’s a great idea to laminate it first before put some playdough on it.

Try to make shapes using playdough either make skeleton shapes, or full play dough shapes.

This activity helps growing toddler’s creativity as well as great for their eye hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Twist #2: Dot sticker

Using dot stickers, put them into the shapes so that it will form squares, triangle, circle and more.

The activity involves peeling the dot sticker using their cute fingers helps strengthen them to prepare them for writing letters in years to come.

Why is playing shapes essential for toddlers?

Apart from preparing kids for complex math operations, ability to recognize, differentiate and sort shapes also essential to build strong pre-reading skills in kids.

How is that so?

Because letters are comprises of different shapes combined together. 

When kids know how to sort and differentiate shapes, they are learning that each shapes has its own character.

The same thing with alphabet letters. 

Each letters has different phonic sounds and shapes, and they will form entirely different thing when they are combined.

Ability to recognize different type of shapes helps kids to recognize different types of letters, and eventually helps them to read the letters.

Scholastic.com says shapes are symbols. So does alphabet letters.

Able to recognize shapes would help kids to be able to recognize alphabet letters, which then would help them to learn to read

Facts aside, let’s just have fun!

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Easter Shape Sorting Activity : 8 Amazing Shapes To Be Sorted 2

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Easter Shape Sorting Activity : 8 Amazing Shapes To Be Sorted 3

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