Apple Number Chart : FREE 2 Exciting Apple Number Charts

Maryam is having a struggle to identify the name of quantity of numbers.

She can count 5, but she didn’t know the symbol 5 or that it is called 5.

Realizing this, I thought we never have any number charts. So I made this Apple Number Chart printables, and print it and  put it around the house.

Looks like she is getting the number’s name bit by bit.

Apple Number Chart

Apple Number Chart

There are 2 number charts in this pack. Both are in A4 size.

The first one is the apples with numbers. There are various colors of apples – the red apples, the green apples, the yellow apples, and also apples with worms.

All of these would definitely bring up the mood for your class to learn about numbers!

apple number charts

The second number chart has numbers with adorable eyes.

Kids got to color each numbers while counting all the apples. It would be so much fun!

apple number charts

Get Your Download

Grab your free Apple Number Chart by clicking on the download button below. Have fun!

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