easter jellybean pattern

Easter Jellybean Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Colorful Pattern Activities

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For kids to start counting, they first need to master the pattern concept.

1,2,3,4 itself is a pattern.

Since it is Easter Season, I guess it would be the perfect time for Easter Jellybean Pattern Activity.

Easter Jellybeans Pattern Activity

Easter Jellybean Pattern Activity

This FREE printables features 10 different jellybeans pattern.

All of those pattern are AB pattern or ABAB.ย This is the most simple pattern for toddlers and preschoolers.

There are yellow jellybeans, red jellybeans and blue jellybeans. There are also purple jellybeans, green jellybeans and white jellybeans.

Bright colors surely bring up the kids’ moods, right?

Preparing Easter Jellybean Pattern Activity

This activity is a low prep activity.

First, you would need to print out the FREE printable (you can download it from the download button at the end of this post)

Then, cut the jellybeans from the ‘cut out page’

Easter Jellybeans Pattern Activities

Playing with Easter Jellybeans Pattern Activity

To play with this activity, first, your kids would need go through the jellybeans’ pattern box.

Go one by one. Solve a pattern one by one.

Every time your kids done solving a pattern, choose the right jellybeans (the jellybeans that has been cut earlier), and paste it onto the blank box.

Help Your Kids To Solve Jellybeans Pattern For The First Time

If it looks tricky for your kids, you might want to begin the activity together.

First, you might need to point to each jellybeans using your finger. Together call out the jellybeans’ colors.

Then, try to display the right colored jellybeans so that your kids will find it easy at first.

Once she gets the pattern concept, you can mix those jellybeans and let your kids do the activity independently.

Easter Jellybeans Pattern Activity Printable FRee

Grab your Free Download

This activity is FREE for you. You grab it for FREE by clicking the download button below. Have fun!

Easter Jellybean Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Colorful Pattern Activities 1

Easter Jellybeans Pattern Activity Printable
Easter Jellybeans Pattern Activities Freebies

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Easter Jellybean Pattern Activity : FREE 10 Colorful Pattern Activities 2

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