Apple Color Sorting

Apple Color Sorting Mat : FREE 3 Color Sorting

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Color activity always wins my children! Bright colorful images always bring out a cheerful mood.

Today I would like to share with you our current simple Apple printable: the Apple Color Sorting mat!

Apple Color Sorting Printables

This is so fun because while it looks kind of simple, kids always love to sort things.

Apple Color Sorting Mat

First, let me share with you about the preparation.

This is a no-prep printable.

You just need to download this freebie (at the end of this post), print it and you are ready to go!

How to do Apple Color Sorting Mat

Hand your kids some safe scissors and glue, because they will be so busy at cutting and pasting work.

There are 3 colors of apples – red, green and yellow.

Let them cut the apples at the first page and sort them accordingly.

Together, identify the colors of each apple so that your kids would know the name of the color.

Ready for some color sorting fun?

Be sure to download your FREE Apple color sorting printables here.

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Apple Color Sorting Mat : FREE 3 Color Sorting 1

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Apple Color Sorting Mat : FREE 3 Color Sorting 2

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