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Back to School Color Sorting : FREE 6 Color Sorting

Color Sorting activity is always fun for kids because it involves bright colors and adorable things!

For today, I would love to share with you our current color sorting printable, the Back to School Color Sorting.

This printable uses 6 colors of crayons to be sorted.

Color Sorting Mat

Back to School Color Sorting

There are 6 exciting colors in this printable, which are black, red, green, blue, purple and yellow.

If your kids are already know how to cut papers a bit, this is a perfect practice for them because they got to cut all the crayons and then sort them out!

But if your kids still struggling with the scissors using, you might want to do a bit prep.

This printable is great to develop your kids fine motor skills in many ways! Among other, these color activities help to develop visual discrimination, while the act of pasting each crayons into the boxes helps promote one-to-one correspondence.

While they are busy at this, don’t forget to introduce the colors to them.

Or better yet associate the color to their things such as ‘your shoes are red like this one’

Get Your Download

Grab your free Back to School Color Sorting by clicking on the link below.

Have fun!

For more FREE Color Sorting Printable, check the following post.

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