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Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles : Easy 26 Letter Puzzles

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Learning letters can be confusing at times. What is that ‘a’ or the symbol ‘b’

But once we pair the letters with related pictures, it will make more sense and easier to remember for young kids.

Today I am sharing with you our exciting Christmas theme printable– the Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles.

Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles

This packet includes all 26 puzzles from letter a to Z (lowercase)

This is a Low Prep Activity that would need you to pre-cut the puzzles before activity.

I would suggest you to use paper cutter for a smoother and faster prep work.

Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzle

How to Use Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles

If you are playing this puzzle with a young 4-years old, I would recommend that you start with 4 letters puzzle first; you can start with the letter a, b, c and d.

Scramble those puzzles, and let them find the matching pairs.

Paste the matching pairs together.

Repeat until all pictures has met their corresponding Beginning Sounds Letters.

For stamina purpose, or not to get the kids bored, I would suggest you to do only 4 letters a day; that is unless they ask for more.

Let the fun begin!

Grab Your Download

Snag your Free Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles by  clicking  on  the  download  button  below.

Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles : Easy 26 Letter Puzzles 1

Have fun!

More Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles

Want more Christmas Beginning Sounds puzzles?

Check out our NO-PREP Beginning Sounds puzzle at our Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

It is NO-PREP because all the puzzles are pre-scrambled, so you just have to print, and that’s it!

You will get 3 sets of Christmas No-Prep Beginning Sounds Puzzle; Christmas Milk and Cookies puzzle, Christmas Sack of Gift puzzle and Christmas Cookie puzzle.

Click the image below to grab your instant download!

Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles : Easy 26 Letter Puzzles 2


Christmas Beginning Sounds Puzzles : Easy 26 Letter Puzzles 3

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